South Korea Visa

Nationals of countries that fall under the following categories can enter South Korea without a visa:

- Countries under visa waiver agreements
- Frequent visitors
- Japanese tourists
- Those with special entry arrangements for Jeju island
- APEC Business Travel Card holders
- Designated visa-free entry
- Transit tourists going to another country
- Europe-bound Chinese transit tourists
- Re-entry Permit holders

Moreover, citizens of countries under Visa Waiver Agreements with South Korea can come to the country without a visa for a short visit. If they come for any other purpose, they should apply for a visa specific for their purpose.

Visa-free entry countries include: Guyana, Guatemala, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Macau(90 days), Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman, Japan (90 days), Qatar, Taiwan, Hong Kong (90 days), Kuwait, Monaco, Vatican, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Cyprus, San Marino, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia (90 days), Andorra, Croatia, Guam, Nauru, New Caledonia, Micronesia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Fiji, Australia (90 days), Marshall Islands, Palau, Tuvalu, Tonga, South Africa, Seychelles, Mauritius, Swaziland,

Canadian citizens can stay in South Korea for a maximum of 6 months without visa. While USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Slovenia,, and Japan nationals can stay in South Korea up to 90 days. Meanwhile, South Korea has working holiday arrangements with Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

South Korea Visa Requirements

Regardless of the type of visa you need, the South Korean Embassy and Consulates require the following documents:

- A valid passport for at least 6 months, and a blank page to stamp the visa;
- One (1) passport-size photo;
- Properly filled out South Korea visa application form;
- Visa fee (cash, money order or Certified Check)
- A self-addressed prepaid return envelope with postage
South Korea travel visas are attached to the blank pages of your passport.

Tourist Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens

Americans who want to get a tourist visa in South Korean should present these documents:

- a valid, signed U.S. passport with at least 6 months remaining validity (save a blank page for the visa stamp);
- fully filled out and signed copy of Visa application form;
- one (1) Passport-type color photo;
- copy of a round trip ticket and itinerary.

US Citizens are not required a tourist visa for a stay not exceeding 90 days.

Business Visa

US citizens who want to invest and do business in South Korea should present the following:

- a valid and signed U.S. passport with at least 6 months remaining ( save at least one blank page for visa tamp);
- a copy of a fully filled out and signed Visa Application Form;
- a Passport-type color photo;
- a business letter of responsibility typewritten on a company letterhead addressed to: Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Visa Section, Washington DC.

The letter should state all of the following:
- the nature of business to be set up;
- business reference of a partner in Korea ;
- proof of company guarantee of financial responsibility for the applicant, and his/her return travel to the USA.

There is no need for these documents if the stay in South Korea is less than 90 days.

For more information on the various visa requirements visit:
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