Samoa Visa

US citizens traveling to Samoa as tourists are not required to obtain a tourist visa prior to travel. You will be given 60-day entry permits on arrival, as long as you present the following: passport valid for six months after departure from Samoa, return or onward ticket, visa or permit for entry into you destination after Samoa, accommodation arrangements, proof of sufficient funds to finance your stay. Extensions may be granted for another 60 days if you show a genuine reason for extending your stay in Samoa. Applications shall be made with the Immigration Office located in Apia, Samoa before the end of the 60-day period granted under the visitor permit.

If you wish to temporarily reside in Samoa with your dependents for business, study, scientific or academic research, employment, or religious purposes, you should apply for the appropriate temporary resident permit. If your purpose in traveling to Samoa is to put up a business or invest in an existing venture therein, you need to apply for a temporary resident permit for that purpose. In addition to the ordinary requirements, you need to submit certain documents and licenses with your application. If you are traveling to Samoa to conduct business or scientific research, submit a letter showing that the Secretary to Government has approved the proposed research. Temporary resident permits for study are issued to foreign students who intend to study in Samoa but only at formally recognized institutions, as well as for students of medicine traveling to Samoa to work and study with the Ministry of Health and the Oceania University of Medicine.

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