Palau Visa

For citizens of the United States traveling to Papua New Guinea (PNG) as tourists, you need to apply for a tourist visa. Submit your passport with remaining validity of at least six months, a copy of your roundtrip tickets or confirmed itinerary, and a personal letter stating the dates of your travel, purpose of your trip, places to be visited, and accommodation in PNG. The letter should be addressed to the PNG Embassy. Tourist visas are granted for single entry and a maximum stay of 60 days.

Business visas may be granted for purposes of marketing, sales, or site inspection. In addition to the regular requirements, you need to submit a report on the PNG-based business or company, the recent annual report of your parent company in the US, and a business letter from the parent company guaranteeing financial responsibility for your stay in PNG as well as your return travel. This type of visa is valid for a maximum stay of 30 days.

If you are traveling to Papua New Guinea to exercise your profession as a consultant or specialist, apply for a consultants/specialists visa, for a maximum stay of three months. Your sponsor in PNG should obtain approval from the PNG Immigration Department before you can be issued this type of visa. The same requirements as that of business visa should be submitted, together with a complete resume of the applicant. All letters shall be addressed to the visa section of the PNG Embassy in Washington, DC.

For more information log on to:
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Project Visa Papua New Guinea

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