Norfolk Island Visa

Travelers who want to go to Norfolk Island should get an Australian Multiple entry visa that is valid for up to 30 days beyond the length of stay. New Zealand and Australia passport-holders can stay in Norfolk for an indefinite period of time. American citizens will be issued a visitor"

Entry Requirements

Before traveling to Norfolk Island, you should have these documents:

1. A current and valid passport,
2. A copy of pre-arranged accommodation before arriving at Norfolk Island,
3. A completely filled out copy of your arrival papers (this is handed out to you during your flight to the island),
4. And for Norfolk Island Government requires those who are non-permanent residents of Norfolk Island, including Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents, tickets for an onward or return journey.

Gray Areas on Norfolk Island

Some islanders claim that the Island was chartered at the time of Queen Victoria granted freedom to Pitcairn islanders to go back to the island. Under this provision, Norfolk Island is technically not a Commonwealth of Australia. But this was rejected by the High Court of Australia in 2004. In 2006, the issue took a more serious turn: The Australian Government reviewed the contention and came up with a decision that Norfolk Island's legislative assembly should only be a local council. But that would have caused a negative disruption on the island's economy. In 2006, the Australian government concluded the review and left Norfolk Island's self-governance in tact and unchanged.

Australia has exclusive control over Norfolk's economic zone extending 200 nautical miles around the island' s territorial seas. The economic zone is rich in fish, the island's major natural resource. Farming is not practiced on the island, but 25% if the island is devoted to pasture.

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