Visa Information for Mongolia

Citizens of the United States of America who travel to the seventh-largest country in Asia for tourism, official business, or private visits for not more than 90 days are exempt from Mongolian visa requirements in accordance with the New Visa Policy, which took effect in July 2001. American citizens who wish to stay in Mongolia for more than 90 days, or who desire to obtain multiple entry visas for work or study, require approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia. Those who wish to conduct business or commercial activity during any part of their stay in Mongolia must apply for a Business Visa, for a maximum stay of 30 days.

Other types of visas issued by Mongolia include diplomat visas, visas for officials of international organizations, visas for treaty investors, journalist visas, contract worker visas, emigrant visas, and NGO/humanitarian visas. These are all multiple-entry visas with a validity of 36 months, except for student visas that are valid for 60 months.

Visas are valid for entry within 90 days from date of issue, and the duration of the stay is counted from the date of entrance. Applicants should submit a passport-size photograph and their U.S. passports, which should have a validity of at least six months beyond the intended stay in Mongolia.

Transit visa processing requires a copy of the onward ticket and entry documents for the next destination.

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