Micronesia Visa

Foreign nationals arriving in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) are required to present proof of citizenship or nationality valid beyond 120 days from arrival in FSM, although no visa or permit is required for a visit of 30 days or less. Beyond 30 days, an entry permit is required. United States citizens may be issued an entry permit for the duration of the trip, not to exceed one year. All foreign nationals other than visitors/tourist must apply for the entry permit prior to their visit. Officials and employees of foreign governments and international organizations, with their spouses, dependents, and household members, are not required to obtain entry permits, to the extent specified by law.

A student permit may be issued for the duration of the applicant"s educational program. A salesperson permit may be granted to non-citizens whose visit to Micronesia is for engaging in retail or wholesale trade without establishing residence in FSM and who are not qualified for a foreign investor"s permit. Government worker permits are issued to visitors who come to Micronesia to work for the FSM national or local government or that of a foreign state. This is issued upon presentation of the employment contract and for the duration of said contract. Alien workers may be granted a permit upon compliance with national laws. Foreign investor permits are granted upon compliance with the Foreign Investment Act. Researcher permits may be issued when the president deems the research to be in the best interests of Micronesia. Missionary permits may be issued upon proof that the applicant is a certified minister or member of the clergy. A spouse permit is issued to the lawful spouse of a citizen upon presentation of proof of marriage. Dependents of entry permit holders may also be issued permits for the duration of the principal"s stay in Micronesia.

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