Visa Information for Maldives

A free 30-day tourist visa is issued to all visitors upon arrival to the Republic of Maldives, provided the following requirements are met: valid passport, onward ticket, right to enter the onward destination, and enough funds to cover expenses for the duration of the stay or a confirmed hotel or resort reservation for the intended period of stay. However, it is discretionary upon the immigration authorities in Maldives to grant the full 30 days or any period less than that. The tourist visa may be renewed upon application to Immigration before its expiration for a duration not exceeding 90 days total, including the period already granted. Employment is strictly prohibited under this type of visa.

Visitors with valid work permits should apply for Resident Visa/Permit. A foreign national married to a Maldivian may apply for a Marriage Visa upon arrival by submitting a marriage certificate in English or an English translation thereof. The marriage should be locally registered with the appropriate court within the 30-day period before a Marriage Visa will be granted. The foreign wife of a Maldivian whose husband passed away during the marriage may apply for a Widow Visa; this will, however, be cancelled upon the widow"s remarriage. Those who wish to study in Maldives may apply for a Student Visa provided they have a guardian in Maldives. A letter from the guardian should be sent to Immigration stating the applicant"s intention to study in Maldives, the type of intended study, and a commitment to act as guardian. Spouses and children under 18 years of age of work permit holders may apply for a Dependent Visa by submitting proof of marriage or guardianship of said children.

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