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Hidden in Southeast Asia, Laos is a wonder waiting to be explored. It was not until 1988 that tourism was opened in the country, which is why Laos remains fairly isolated and undeveloped. To get there visitors will have to go through Bangkok, Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, or Taiwan as entry points because there are no direct flights from the United States or Europe.

All foreign nationals need to obtain a visa for entry into Laos for any purpose. For tourist or visitor visas, American citizens need a U.S. passport (which additionally should be valid for at least three months beyond the intended stay), two completed visa application forms, three passport-size photographs, a completed cover page and credit card authorization forms, and a copy of their travel itinerary. To secure a business visa, the same requirements should be submitted as well as a document from the traveler"s host company in Laos that includes the approval letter from the Immigration Department in Vientiane.

American citizens traveling to Laos for reasons other than business or tourist purposes should choose from other visa categories. Diplomatic visas are issued to diplomatic passport holders and their dependents. Official visas are issued to staff members of consulates, diplomatic missions, United Nations agencies and other international agencies and their dependents holding official passports. Transit visas are issued to travelers passing through Laos en route to another country as their final destination. Courtesy visas are issued to foreign experts and their dependents holding official, diplomatic, and normal passports performing assignments under bilateral cooperation or grant assistance projects for Laos. If you are looking for Visa information for Laos and getting an immediate Laos Visa Click here:
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