Bhutan Visa

All foreign visitors who plan on traveling to Bhutan need an approved visa before they will be granted entry into the kingdom. However, those who hold passports from India and Maldives do not need a visa.

The Bhutan visitor information page recommends that applications for visa be made 90 days prior to the traveler"s planned departure date along with travel itineraries because it takes one month to process an application. This can be coursed through a registered tour agency in Bhutan.

When applying for a Bhutan visa you will be required to submit three copies of a duly-filled application form, two passport-sized photographs, and a photocopy of your valid passport. (Note that most countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months prior to entry to your destination country.) For private visitors, a sponsorship certificate form filled out by the sponsor is required. A private visitor visa costs $70 USD per day and is paid directly to the Department of Tourism in Bhutan.

Visas cost $20 USD and are approved prior to your entry to the kingdom along with your prepaid hotel and airfare bookings. It is stamped into your passport upon your arrival at the Paro Airport for air entry or exit, and Phuentsholing for land entry and exit.

Bhutanese visas are valid for 14 days, but visa extensions can be filed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bhutan. Visa extension fees do apply.

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