American Samoa Visa

If you want to visit the beautiful islands of American Samoa, you will need to obtain a visa. For current citizens of the United States, a visa is not needed if you want to travel to American Samoa for tourism purposes because it is already an unincorporated territory of the country. However, if you will be traveling for business purposes, such as to adopt, work, study, or stay longer than what is permitted by an entry visa, you can contact the American Samoa embassy.

There are a number of visa types for each type of temporary traveler to the United States. The most common are tourism visas (B2), and business visas (B1). The B2 visa also applies to those traveling to the country to visit friends or relatives, get medical treatment and rest, for amusement or recreational activities, or to attend activities that are social and fraternal in nature. On the other hand, students who are planning to visit the country - as well as crewmen, journalists, and temporary workers - need to apply for another type of visa.

The B1 or business visa applies to those who are traveling purely for business activities, which include scientific research, educational activities, attending conventions or conferences, negotiating a contract, settling estate issues, and other professional purposes.

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American Samoa is under US control, all consular matters should be directed to the United States Embassies.

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