Visa Information for Afghanistan

American citizens who wish to visit the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan are required to obtain a visa from the Afghan Consulate, either directly or through a private expediter. There are eight (8) types of Afghanistan visa to choose from. Depending on their travel purpose, visitors may apply for a tourist visa, entry visa for work permit, resident visa, transit visa, double entry visa, service visa, diplomatic visa, or a student visa.

A tourist visa allows tourists to stay in Afghanistan for up to 30 days, to be extended only once by the Ministry of Interior, upon agreement of the Afghan Tourism Organization.

Entry visa for work permit allows up to 90 or 180 days stay, extendible through the Ministry of Interior. This is issued for business or cultural purposes, whether the visitor is working for the government or a private institution. The employer or sponsor should directly get in touch with the Consulate Section of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A resident visa may be issued to visitors who have already entered Afghanistan with a proper visa. Its validity is from one to six months, and may be extended.

Foreign nationals who pass through Afghanistan. on their way to a third country are issued a transit visa, which is valid for only 72 hours for those who are travelling by air and 6 days for those who are travelling by land.

A double-entry visa is given to foreign nationals holding any long stay visa.

Foreign nationals holding service or special passports may be issued a service visa by Afghan missions abroad.

A diplomatic visa is issued to diplomatic passport holders intending to travel to Afghanistan. However, their mission in Kabul should directly contact the Section of Diplomatic Passport and Diplomatic Visa of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A student visa may be issued to foreign students intending to study in Afghanistan, provided that the academic institution involved shall directly contact the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Cultural Relations Department.

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