People of Uzbekistan are well known for their generosity, hospitality and humility. They generally want peaceful, humble and low-key lives, which reflect well on their ways of living. Their traditions, however, make their lives more colorful and joyous. Most people from Uzbekistan are composed of different races and ethnic groups such as the Karakalpaks, Uzbeks, Russians, Tajiks, Tatars and Kazakhs. Their amiable nature and attitude have made them known throughout the whole world.

Islam is the dominating religion in the land of Uzbekistan, although there is a general freedom for everyone to choose his own religion, unlike in many Central Asian countries. As such, many Uzbeks have embraced other religions.


Uzbekistan has a land area of 447,000 square kilometers, which is about the size of the country of France. It extends to 1,425 kilometers from east to west and approximately 930 kilometers from the north down to the south. This country is one of the largest countries in Central Asia, and it shares a short border with the country of Afghanistan. Uzbekistan is largely comprised of a desert topography that makes up about 80 percent of its total land area.

Water sources are unevenly distributed among many parts of the country causing shortages. Even the plains of the country have a very small supply of water, largely because most of Uzbekistan’s land area is comprised of deserts. The climate in Uzbekistan is typically hot due to the deserts that surround most of its land area. Winters are cold and may be very cold at times.


The history of Uzbekistan is rooted from a variety of cultures and traditions. The country’s history dates back about 2500 years, which is noted to be largely about fighting to gain back independence lost to several invaders. The Great Silk Road played an important role in the formation of several civilizations during the ancient times. The Timurids and the Samanids reigned in the land, which greatly influenced the culture, traditions and government of the country.

Famous Attractions

This country is home to some of the most interesting places, oldest cities and greatest historical spots in all of Asia. One of the most famous destinations in Uzbekistan is Tashkent. This city presents a mix of modern and ancient architecture. Tourists will want to visit the variety of museums that Tashkent has to offer.

Traveling to Uzbekistan has been memorable, romantic and interesting for many tourists. Being a country filled with the most fascinating cultures, interesting history and breathtaking beauty, this country is now becoming one of the most visited countries in Central Asia. For instance, going to a museum does not only allow people see artifacts. It most importantly allows tourists to experience the lives of many of the ancient Uzbeks through their remains and relics. Uzbekistan also serves as a pilgrimage destination for many Muslims, making it even more interesting.


Although considered a peaceful country, Uzbekistan does not slow down when it comes to its nightlife. There is so much to do and experience that tourists find themselves having too little time to do everything they want. Since Uzbekistan has interesting places of interest and entertainment, a tourist can easily pass the time enjoying himself.

There is a wide array of bars, discos, karaoke bars, clubs and pubs. For people who want to enjoy a peaceful time with their families or friends, they can also opt to just pass their time eating delicious cuisines in restaurants. Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital, has the most popular places to "hang out" in the country.


The Uzbek culture has been influenced by the presence of several other ethnic groups that settled in the boundaries of Uzbekistan during early times. The Europeans, who were once settlers of the country, have made an impact on the culture of the Uzbeks. Some customs have been passed on and are still being followed today, such as silk and cotton weaving, wood carving, stone carving, leather stamping, metal engraving and calligraphy. Today, different religions have their own ethnic and cultural traditions.


The cuisines in Uzbekistan are unique from other regions' cuisines. They look different, smell different, and taste different. Tourists who visit this country experience a unique flavor and aroma that makes traveling in Uzbekistan truly memorable. Most of the foods are prepared on a seasonal or everyday basis.

One of the dishes which they are known for is the palov, a dish made with rice, grated carrots, onions and pieces of meat, usually lamb or pork. This is served during the morning, usually as part of a wedding celebration. Green tea is known to be the most enjoyed beverage in Uzbekistan. It is known to be a healthy and enjoyable drink. People from Tashkent, however, prefer black tea which is served without sugar.