Japanese people are known to be one of the most respectful and polite people in the world. Most Japanese live in closed and exclusive communities, which explain their introverted characteristics. They pay much attention to cooperation within a group, and they are most comfortable with other people who belong to their community. Although the Japanese are typically not accustomed to dealing with other people, they are enthusiastic about learning about other cultures and languages. Generally, Japan lacks in natural resources but is overflowing with hard working and diligent people.


The geography of a country is relevant to its society's kind of development, communication and intercultural differences. Japan is composed of 3,000 islands, the biggest of which are Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkaido. These are the major islands of the country, and they are surrounded by other small islands. Japan's neighboring countries are Russia, China and Korea. Its area can be compared to that of California and Germany. Its population is only at about 1.27 million because it has limited land area. Japan has four distinct seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn)when it comes to the weather. The best times to travel are during early to mid-April, mid- or late May, mid- or late October and early November. During these times, the temperature is mild and there is little rain.


In ancient history, Japan is known to have been founded at around 660 BC, led by its first emperor Jimmu in Kyushu, and expanded into Yamato sometime later. Its culture has been influenced by its neighboring countries including Korea and China. Contact with the country of Korea was primarily the reason behind the dominance of Buddhism in Japan. Recorded Japanese history dates back from 400 AD, when the Yamato clan managed to gain power over western and central Japan. Its first contact with the western communities was recorded to be in the year 1542. This was when the first Portuguese ship arrived in the Japanese boundaries.

Famous Attractions

There are hundreds of cities in Japan that are endowed with many beautiful and famous tourist attractions. Top cities include Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nara, Nagasaki, Kamakura, Sapporo, Kawasaki, Chiba and Fukuoka among many others. Tokyo is one of the most developed cities and is also the primary capital of Japan.

One of the most famous tourist attractions is the Imperial Palace. This is the permanent residence of the royal family. Another is the Meiju Shrine where the Empress Shoken and Emperor Meiji are enshrined. Built in 1920, the shrine alone stands on 70-hectares of land. Another tourist attraction is the Hagi. This is a nice Samurai Castle town found in rural Japan, west of Honshu Island. Other places of interest include the Sensoji Temple Akasuka, the Yashukuni-jinja Shrine and Tokyo’s Disneyland.


Japan has a brightly lit up nightlife. It has a wide array of bars, clubs and pubs with exciting and incomparable entertainment. Since Japan is also home to the most fashionable people, it offers one of the best varieties of entertainment including music, dance and other night activities. Whether you are up to a serene or wild night, Japan has so much in store for you.

Nightlife in Japan includes the traditional hostess clubs where people enjoy the night with friends and beautiful women. Drinking is legal everywhere; in fact, alcoholic beverages can be bought from vending machines. There is no mandatory closing time for bars. People enjoy a night out with friends without having to worry about bars closing or running out of beer. Friday is considered the best time to hang out.


Japan is rich in the aspects of architecture, technology, literature, art and music. The cultures and arts of Japan are some of the most distinctive and famous in the entire world. Music, video games and advanced technology are huge aspects of the culture. This country is also known for the popular geisha, samurai, and sumo wrestlers.

Calligraphy, (a way of Japanese writing), ikebana, (the art of flower arranging), and theater arts are some art forms that Japan is most famous for. Painting has been part of the Japanese culture for a long time. Traditional painting is known all over Japan. The Japanese way of writing is significantly different from any other writing style. Over time, writing techniques have been acquired from continental Asia and other western countries. However, their way of writing has remained unique and beautiful.


Japanese cuisine is one of the most interesting things about Japan. Japanese people take great pride in the kind of food that they have been accustomed to. Unlike other western cuisines, their meals are not as heavy. They have a variety of flavors that are mixed in harmony to produce a light, yet sumptuous meal. Japanese cuisines are also known for distinctive taste and attractive presentations—they are aesthetically pleasing and delicious together. Serving is done through individual servings for each kind of dish.

Japanese cuisine is comprised of different dishes and specialties. Favorite dishes are made from seafood, noodles, rice, nabe, yoshoku and soya bean. Most famous among these are sashimi, sushi and spaghetti, among many others.