Highlights of Wyoming

The cheap flights to Wyoming, USA will make you explore its countryside appeal as a cowboy state. Many tourists head to Yellowstone National Park, which is America’s first official national park, to view the geysers and enjoy the outdoors. Then have a stop at Devil’s Tower as this huge rock is a must-see attraction. The Wyoming Territorial Prison in Laramie is open for anyone who wants to visit. See Wyoming on horseback as Cheyenne’s Frontier Days is the largest outdoor rodeo in the world.

Getting to Wyoming

Seeking cheap flights to Wyoming, USA may take some time to figure out—especially what route to take. Try the Natrona County; not only is it located at the central part of Wyoming but also it has the largest accommodating airport in the state. You should choose budget airlines, such as Southwest Airlines in order to save the most.


One of the reliable airports in Wyoming is the Natrona County International Airport. It is located in the geographical center of the state and serves the air transportation needs of many passengers. This airport is successfully getting airlines to increase capacity as it has been working with the airlines to bring fares down. Certain features that travelers may like about the airport include gift shops, restaurant and lounge with food services, banquet rooms, conference and meeting rooms, wireless internet connection, and wedding reception capabilities. The first three hours of parking in the parking lot are free in short term parking.

The state also has a number of smaller airports including Yellowstone Regional Airport. Yellowstone Regional Airport is a great choice if you want to land near the famous national park. Jackson Hole Airport is served by the budget carrier Frontier Airlines, so you can definitely find cheap tickets.


The airlines served by Wyoming are the prestigious Allegiant Air, Delta Connection, and United Airlines. Allegiant Air is America’s low cost airline that provides cheap flights to Wyoming, USA. It operates a business model that focuses on flights to airports, attracting leisure passengers traveling to seasonal warm-weather destinations, generating ancillary revenues in addition to ticket revenue, and maintaining low operational costs. The air fleet they use are McDonnell Douglas 80’s which carry about 130 to 150 passengers.

Money-Saving Tips

If you want cheap flights to Wyoming, USA then book an early flight as summer is the peak season. Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park are packed with tourists while the 10-day Cheyenne Frontier Days starts late in July. Laramie gains a lot of crowds for the different events in University of Wyoming such as graduation in mid-May, the Fourth of July, Cheyenne Frontier Days, and UW football weekends. While winter attracts the skiers and snow-sport enthusiasts from December to March, cheap flights can be booked during the winter months since it is off-season.

In Closing

Being in a countryside state can be a refreshing feeling especially if it is your first time to explore its wonders. In addition to the famous Yellowstone, you will also want to visit Nelson Museum of the West, Wyoming State Museum, and Medicine Bow National Forest.