Tahitians are known for attractive sun-kissed, bronze skins and beautiful faces. Polynesians are genuinely reserved, cheerful and polite. People of Tahiti are a mixture of nationalities, mostly of the Polynesian and French descent. Since the government of France controls Tahiti, French people have full civil and political rights in this island. In fact, the primary language of Tahiti is French, although Tahitian language is also used. Most of the Polynesians today have also learned English as their third or fourth language, in addition to Tahitian, French and Tuamotu, another island dialect in Tahiti. Although the French culture is undeniably shown in most of the islands, they still take pride in their Polynesian culture and heritage.


Considered as the most populated island in French Polynesia, Tahiti is home to approximately 170,000 people. Although most residents of Tahiti are Polynesians, there are many others who belong to different races. The north portion of Tahiti is called the Tahiti Nui, while the one located at the southern part is called the Tahiti Iti. These two are parts of the island of Tahiti, but their characteristics have varying differences. The Tahiti Nui has paved roads and highways, adorned with some establishments, while Tahiti Iti is exactly the opposite. This is why most honeymooners or vacationers opt to stay in small Tahiti, because it offers a more exclusive and private taste of the islands.


Since 300 A.D., Tahiti has been the home of many Polynesians. This island was first discovered by a group of English people aboard a ship back on June 18, 1767. The captain, Samuel Wallis, was an Englishman from Europe. A little while after was the arrival of another ship from the other side of the island, and aboard it was a navigator named Lois Antoine De Bougainville. Soon after, they claimed the island for the king of France. Because of these two expeditions, there came a rivalry on the take-over of power on the Tahiti Island. In the year 1847, Tahiti was ruled by the French dynasty, and all the territory was taken over by the French government and was called French Polynesia.

Famous Attractions

Tourism is the strongest aspect of Polynesia. Because it is popular and known as the “Isle of Love,” it has become an infamous destination to many people in world. Tahiti is heard on televisions and read in books, which creates a thrilling and exciting impression each and every time. During the month of July, a major festival called the Heiva festival is celebrated. For the past 122 years, this has been an important event to all Tahitians, wherein it’s time to display their crafts including competitions of sporting events, and dance performances. The most famous tourist attractions in Tahiti are:

1. Pearl Museum— although Tahiti is more famous for the beautiful beaches surrounding it, it also has a Museum where people learn more about the culture and heritage of this small island. The Pearl Museum is where people can learn about this beautiful gem's many aspects. This museum was built to show what Tahiti is rich with—pearl. In fact, Robert Wan’s collection of black pearls is placed here, including the King of the Black Pearl.

2. Beaches— two of the most admired beaches in Tahiti are Papara and Punaauia because of their white sand beaches, although more tourists are enchanted with the black sand beaches on the east coast of Tahiti.

3. Tiki Theatre Village— this is one of Tahiti’s most authentic dance shows. They are held during Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, which often start during the sunset. It is made more exciting with the Tahitian drinks and foods served while enjoying the performances.

4. Jeep Safari Adventure— this is a genuine adventure on a 4-wheel drive car. This adventure takes tourists into the best places on the island and drive people up to even the steep terrains to give them the best view of the Tahiti.


After a full day’s visit on the island, people would love to enjoy a fun and relaxing night activity. In Tahiti, the day is never complete without a good meal during the night and different kinds of entertainment that make the cold evenings hotter. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the great nightlife of Tahiti. Most hotels have scheduled dance shows and performances for visitors. Most commonly, these performances are done after a meal.


Tahitians are able to maintain their heritage from their Maori ancestors. One of the most famous customs of the Tahitians is their beautiful art of tattoos, which are done in beautiful patterns. For them, tattoos add beauty to a person. In the earlier times, these were done as a signal that a man or woman had reached adolescence.


The Tahitian cuisine is most famous for its fresh fish and exotic vegetables and fruits, with a touch of French and Polynesian influence. Aside from these, Tahitian sauces are considered superb, which make their meals deliciously enjoyable. A good way to enjoy authentic Tahitian cuisine is to attend “Tamaaraa,” an infamous feast in Tahiti. This is time for Polynesians to display their class and talents in cooking dishes of roasted pork or fish that are served to all visitors. Aside from a sumptuous meal, this festival also gives way for dancing complete with beautiful exotic costumes.