New Brunswick, a city in New Jersey, is one of the most interesting cities in the United States. Known as the “Healthcare City” where people can find the best medical services, its rich ethnic heritage has always been recognized for the strong influence of the Hungarian culture. At present, the population of New Brunswick is predominantly Hispanic, but the mix of cultures continues to make this an interesting place to visit. The main attraction here is Rutgers University, home of the famous Zimmerli Art Museum. There are also old churches, the Chabad House and the Theological Seminary, all religious institutions that draw many visitors each year.

Although there are no airports that serve New Brunswick directly, travelers can fly direct to Atlantic City or Newark and take a rental car or the Amtrak train to New Brunswick.

New Jersey is serviced by just one major airport: the Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country, a major hub for Continental Airlines. There is a Marriott Hotel in the airport that provides shuttle service for registered guests. The minor airport serving New Jersey is Atlantic City International Airport, with flights on Spirit Airlines, WestJet Airlines, and AirTran Airways, among others. This airport provides free Wi-Fi service, and there are several restaurants and lounges. Both the Newark International and Atlantic City International airports have train service to New Brunswick.

Airlines that provide flights into New Jersey include: Continental Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and AirTran Airways. Continental Airlines provides international and domestic flights. There are flights to U.S. cities, Canada, Latin America, Asia and Europe. The Continental fleet consists of the Boeing 737, 757,767,777 and 787. Spirit Airlines is a low-cost airline that provides flights to United States cities on their Airbus fleet. AirTran Airways is a low-cost airline with flights to the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Mexico on their new Boeing fleet.

Booking cheap flights to New Jersey is the best way to save a lot when going to New Brunswick. The peak season is during summertime when resorts and hotels are fully-booked, so most plane tickets are more expensive. The best time to visit New Brunswick is during late spring, when the city seems very quiet and serene. Usually, promos for all-inclusive flights are available during the off-peak season, so you can save on airfare, hotels, and rental car costs.

Visiting New Brunswick is an enlightening experience, with three professional theaters, ballet, an excellent museum, multiple ethnic restaurants, and a variety of music venues. Come enjoy the late spring as New Brunswick wakes up from a long winter slumber.