New Zealanders these days are widely sophisticated and highly educated urban occupants. Members of a distinct and vibrant multicultural society, New Zealanders are seriously considering 21st century technology and several modern cultures; however New Zealanders also have a quiet but stern individualism background, self-dependence, and a genius for scientific invention; qualities that are still evident in today’s population. But did you know that New Zealand is considered among the happiest countries in the world today? Yes, people in New Zealand are among the most contented people all around the world. This is another reason why a visit to this country has always been interesting.


Excluding the uniqueness and the flexibility of New Zealand’s culture and the loveliness of the sceneries, New Zealand is known for its appealing geographic isolation. This country is situated about 2000 km southeast of Australia; with the closest neighbors to the north being Fiji and Tonga. The long isolation of New Zealand has developed a unique fauna dominated by birds, a number of which became extinct after the arrival of human occupants and the other animals they introduced. Other than that, New Zealand has exquisite mountain views and rivers along the countryside. In New Zealand one cannot just see the modern architectures of the buildings in the cities, but one must also visit the beautiful sceneries of nature in the countryside.


New Zealand’s rich history made many people interested in engaging in it. Many travelers curiously seek for facts about the origin of the land because of the intriguing location of the country. The history of New Zealand began after the separation of the land mass of Rangitata Land from the old continent of Giondawa 80 millions years ago—evolving and developing over periods to what now has become New Zealand. The Polynesian people discovered and occupied the country, believed to be during the periods of 950 to 1130 AD. From the serious interest of European explorers to the wars it experienced, New Zealand is said to be one of the fascinating countries considered by travelers and tourists.

Famous Attractions

Naturally, you will desire to experience the best a country has to offer. New Zealand's main attractions represent just that. Many travelers want to visit this place so full of beautiful sceneries and astonishing sites and views. You might want to see the Milford Sound on a Red Boat Cruise, the astounding whales of Kaikuora, and the excellent museums of New Zealand such as Te Papa. Not only that, you could also have the chance of your life to see the Sky Tower—the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere. At the top of Sky Tower you can view almost all of the famous attractions of New Zealand.


With a wide range of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, live music and theatre, New Zealand’s nightlife offers something for most adult age groups. You can watch live bands, which is a popular show and event. Nightclubs in the cities vary in different kinds of music, and the flexibility of quality live theatre ensures all likes and interests are offered for the audience. If you desire and enjoy a punt or two, then try your luck at different games in a casino, where you will find a range of gaming machines and tables. However if you are a smoker, please note that there is a ban on smoking inside all casinos, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and pubs; the legal age of drinking liquor in this country is 18, and 20 is the minimum age of an adult to gain access inside the casino. With these, you can still definitely enjoy all the fun-filled, entertaining establishments in New Zealand. You can be sure that you will experience a very enjoyable nightlife in a beautiful country like New Zealand.


The culture of New Zealand is unique and dynamic. Their culture and traditions differ from the most countries in Europe or the West. Their distinct culture of its indigenous Maori people affects the language and the accents of all New Zealanders. The culture also influences the productivity of the arts and literature. With its location and the love of arts and sports by the people, New Zealand is definitely a diverse but uncomplicated culture to relate to. Their day to day lifestyle is stern in some ways but lighthearted in other aspects. This is the reason why many travelers choose to experience New Zealand as a country so full uniqueness, vivacity and cheerfulness.


New Zealand's cuisine draws inspiration from Europe and Asia. This mix of influences has made a mouth-watering range of flavors and food in restaurants and cafes all over the country. There are so many delicacies that have a distinctly New Zealand style. These are pork, lamb, salmon, crayfish or lobster, scallops, oysters, paua or abalone, mussels, tuatua, pipis and many more. So you don’t have to eat the same New Zealand cuisine over and over again. Each taste and bite of all of the food will surely add fun and excitement to your travel.