Highlights of Nebraska

Nebraska is a humble state that people love to visit in the Midwest. A treasure in the United States, people have appreciated the great diversity of this location. A big part of it comprises the Great American Desert. Ironically, it is actually a biodiverse prairie. This is known as the place “Where the West Begins.” People have enjoyed going to Nebraska because of the different tourist destinations that can be found here. The Scotts Bluff National Monument is a very popular attraction located along the Oregon Trail. Additionally, the Chimney Rock National Historic Site is very popular.

Getting To Nebraska

The best routes to take when going to Nebraska are the flights going into Omaha or Lincoln. Consider these two locations because these cities are the most accessible places. From here, you can use car rentals and bus services which usually take an hour to go to the different cities of the state.


Lincoln and Omaha are the two most-visited cities in Nebraska. The two major airports serving this city are also located here. The Eppley Airfield is the major airport serving Nebraska. This is a commercial airport here with Southwest Airlines as its largest carrier. Following this, the United Airlines is the second-largest carrier of the airport. Another major airport, located in Lincoln, is the Lincoln Airport. This is both a military and public airport and is the second largest airport in the state. It is serviced by the Delta Connection and the United Express Airlines. This airport is equipped with wireless internet connection, mail facilities, telephones and ATM machines.

Smaller airports that can be found here are the North Platte Regional Airport and the McCook Regional Airport. These airlines are served by one airline—the Great Lakes Airline. They are a great option if you need to get to a certain region in Nebraska.


With three notable airlines which serve flights to this state, people are provided with options to get into Nebraska. Southwest Airlines is a major airline which flies passengers into Nebraska. What makes this airline unique is the way it serves the passengers. They focus on short trips to secondary hubs. Their fleet consists only of one aircraft, the Boeing 737 aircraft. Unites Airlines is among the major airlines in the United States. It provides international as well as local flights. Fleets used by this airline are Airbus A319, A320 and Boeing 747, 757, and 777. The Red Carpet is an exclusive membership where members get to enjoy the best lounges all over the world. Great Lakes Airlines is a regional airline serving Nebraska and is the largest and only operator of the Beechcraft 1900.

Money-Saving Tips

Nebraska is a top tourist destination in the United States. Always check for available vacation packages during peak season, especially during the summer. The time in between Labor Day to Memorial Day is when the peak season occurs for travelers. Springtime is a great time to visit Nebraska with its mild weather and off-season prices. This is when people get to enjoy the wonderful scenery in Nebraska.

In Closing

It is time to enjoy the best of nature in Nebraska. The lovely scenery is perfect for families who plan to visit Nebraska. This state is definitely a treasure in the Midwest and a great tourist destination for everyone with plenty of attractions.