Little is known of the early history of the Marshall Islands, but it is said that they were settled in the second millennium BC by Micronesians traveling in canoes and navigating using stick charts. However, little history is known of the islands until they were discovered by Spanish explorer Alonso de Salazar in 1526. The islands received their name when British captain John Marshall visited them in 1788, and he named them the Marshall Islands on British Maps. However, they were claimed under Spanish rule as a part of the Spanish Oceania. Then in 1884, they were sold to Germany and were settled by a German trading company.

Famous Attractions

The Marshall Islands have many historical sites to visit from World War I and World War II. During World War I, Japan constructed several air bases which can still be visited today. Also, there was a major battle in the Marshall Islands during World War II, and there is a monument dedicated to those who gave their lives for freedom. The Marshall Islands were also the site of 66 nuclear weapons tests during the 1950s, and the effects of these tests can be seen on various atolls, with the most prominent tourist attractions being on the Bikini Atoll. The country's capital building is also an area of interest.


As a small island nation, the Marshall Islands are not heavily developed, so one cannot expect great nightlife choices. The best nightlife is on Majuro, which is also the location of the international airport. Most resorts have many things to do at night, so all you have to do is just check with the front desk to discover events to enjoy. Also, you can go night scuba diving, which is a unique experience that will never be forgotten. Be sure to bring an underwater camera, because you will see many beautiful sights. The crystal-clear water is great for taking pictures at night.


Since the Marshall Islands' economy is based in the fishing industry, local cuisine is freshly caught seafood. The most common dish is tuna, as there is a large tuna processing plant on the island. Be sure to try all of the local seafood delicacies as they are guaranteed to be some of the freshest seafood you will ever eat. Local cuisine tends to be cooked with heavy spices including lots of peppers, so if you don't like spicy food, be sure to ask for mild seasoning. Good meals can be found for a cheap price, so you don't need to spend a lot to get a great meal as well.