Macedonian Airways (ICAO code: MAK) is the national airline of the Republic of Macedonia based in Skopje. Established in 1994, its primary aim was to transport passengers and cargo. Today, its mission has been widened to include airport services, travel agent’s services, cargo services and transfer. Its first flight dates back to June 23, 1994 when it flew from Skoje to Zurich using a Boeing 737-200.


Booking Macedonian Airways is not a difficult task. A traveler can simply send an electronic message to filipovska.vlahovic@mat.com.mk. Mails about cargo services are made at viado.krstevski@mat.com.mk. Other details can be gotten by phone call on (389) 2- 3218- 077 or by visiting the website www.mat.com.mk.


A great advantage of flying with Macedonian Airways is that they have several destinations, including Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, which has been known for its numerous tourist attraction centers such as the historic port, the Rijksmuseum, the red-light district and its many canals. In addition to the list, Berlin is not left out. This is because most people like to go there to have a fresh knowledge of European politics, culture, media and science. Other destinations of Macedonian Airways include: Dusseldorf, a city in Germany that is known for its foreign trading centers such as NTT, Ericsson, Nokia and GTS; Hamburg in Germany, Istanbul, (the capital of Turkey), Ohrid in Rome, Skopje in the republic of Macedonia and Vienna, the capital of Austria.


There are two main types of baggage in Macedonian Airways: Checked baggage and cabin baggage. Checked baggage has certain restrictions that depend on the class, route and aircraft type. Sometimes, they charge a little fee to carry baggage that is beyond the specified load. Cabin baggage also has certain restrictions depending on the class, route and aircraft type. Baggage at Macedonian Airlines is usually free except in cases where restrictions are disobeyed. Dangerous materials like explosives and corrosives are highly prohibited.


Passengers of Macedonian Airways enjoy many perks. This is because of the presence and availability of complimentary lunch, soft drinks, special meals on passengers’ request, in flight magazines, and special facilities for elderly people and sick passengers.


Although there are no existing official airline alliances in association with Macedonian Airways, they still show wonderful prospects of satisfying passengers according to first class standards.