Cocos Island (Isla del Coco) at only ten square miles in size, is an island located off the shore of Costa Rica. This tropical island has two bays in the north: Water Bay and Chatham Bay. It is surrounded by deep waters and over 200 waterfalls. Cocos Island's climate is wet, hot and humid. It is an island filled with mystery and legend, and it is said to have the richest treasure in the world hidden there. Cocos Island's beauty and deep waters attract people, especially scuba divers, from all over the world.


The story of Cocos Island begins in 1526, when Johan Cabecas, a Spanish pilot, discovered the island. About 15 years later Cocos Island was printed on a French map of the Americas and was named Ile de Coques meaning "Nutshell Island." Somehow the Spanish mistranslated the French name and called the island Cocos meaning the "Island of Coconuts." This name suited the island perfectly considering its wealth of coconut trees. It was the Cocos palm trees and plentiful drinking water that made it very popular. During the 17th and 18th century it was a place that served as a refuge for corsairs and pirates near Spanish America.

Famous Attractions

The true treasure of Cocos Island is nature: the flora and fauna, marine adventures, and sea creatures. Cocos' attractions center around nature. Its major famous attraction is the Cocos Island National Park. The park, created in 1978, is a paradise luring travelers to explore its forest trails and dive into its deep transparent ocean of vivid beauty. Among other famous attractions are the Scout Park, which is used for island celebrations and weddings, Trannies Beach and the Glass Bottom Boat. Bantam Village, the largest city on Cocos Island, is a place to go to surf or relax on Kite Beach.


The key part of the island's social night life is the Cocos Club. The club opens the bar in the evening and also provides take-out service. The attire is casual dress. Cocos Club has food nights every third Friday that offer meals at significantly lower prices. Food nights also include raffles, exciting activities and dancing. Cocos Club provides visitors a great opportunity to get to know the locals and join in with any activity happening on the island. Cocos Island is still developing, but as it grows and becomes more popular, more choices of clubs and nightlife activity will increase.


Currently there are two restaurants on the island: Tropika and Bunga Melati. Tropika caters more to a western style of cooking, with meal selections of meats, vegetables and salads. Tropika serves three meals a day, and customers requesting evening meals must sign their name on the chalkboard at the front door. Bunga Melati offers Malay cuisine. Malay cuisine includes a selection of mild spices and favorably seasoned rice, noodles, curry and chilli, lamb, beef, chicken and seafood dishes. Meals are reasonably priced and rarely exceed AUD20.00 per person. Dory's of Cocos, a coffee shop, is a popular place for coffee drinks and desserts after dinner.