There are now 159 million people in Bangladesh, named the Bengali. Eighty percent of the Bengali people share the Islamic faith, while the remaining percentage is divided into Buddhists, Hindus, and Christians. Socially, Bangladesh people are fun-loving and sports-minded. The most popular sports they play are cricket and football, with many Bangladesh people being extreme cricket fanatics. When the world cricket tournament comes around, the country becomes extraordinarily competitive, more so than most other countries. Thus, even though the Bengali are loyal to their religions and practice, the people still have energy for sports, music, and the latest fashions. Citizens in Bangladesh certainly have a unique mixture of interests, what with their focus on religion and sports.


Located within the Southern Asia, Bangladesh is situated down the Ganges-Brahmaputra River Delta and shares its borders with Myanmar (or Burma) and India. With an area of 140,000 square kilometers, Bangladesh is occupied by over 150 million people, making it one of the densest nations in the world. Because this small area accommodates such a tremendous population, travelers may encounter a vast spectrum of experiences within a short amount of time.


The early civilizations of Bangladesh date back to over four thousand year ago. Due to countless numbers of empires and dynasties that have occupied the land, Bangladesh has proven to be a country of deep tradition and rich histories. Because of the rise of the Islamic religion within the country and the clash of tribal leaders, Bengali rulers traditionally attempted to make its people loyal to government. Due to the involvement of the British during the rise of the English empire, the country began to evolve into a different, more global country. Eventually due to political clashes and skirmishes involving Pakistan and India, Bangladesh made its way to independence. Because this country has a lot of deep running stories, it is definitely worth a visit. Not only can you can learn a lot from its famous wars that ended in victory, but as you can also experience being in a place that has thousands of years of battles.

Famous Attractions

Bangladesh is famous for its gentle breezes and lush verdure. Other than the natural landscape, there are countless sightseeing type attractions that you can visit, like the mausoleum of National Leaders. Even the official palace of the President of Bangladesh is surely an attraction that you should see. Since the Bengali respect and admire their national leaders, the people put much importance in their government and royal buildings. Within these government buildings, you may also view several national gardens, each with an exquisite collection of flowers and botanical plants. In the Ramna Green garden, there is a large stretch of green garden surrounded by an astonishing lake (a must see). Additionally, the Bangladesh art museum will be able to give an accurate portrayal of the local culture, since the art is infused with the strong and unique inhabitants. Those are just some of the many attractions that you should see to make your visit memorable and a travel experience that you will never forget.


Nightlife in Bangladesh is not like that of most Western countries, as local culture and tradition is seeps out in the familiar types of clubs, bars, and pubs that most tourists are accustomed to. Displays of their local music and dance can be seen occasionally during religious festivals, but also at night. Their old style of theater can easily be seen in major cities, like Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, and Sylhet and cultural performances of the old, traditional style can be enjoyed at Dhaka's Shilpalka Academy.


The Bengali culture is a historical culture. The rivers, the land, and the lives of the common people are built from a rich heritage, etched with the differences from neighboring countries. The culture has evolved over the centuries and exemplifies the diversity of the many subsets of the Bengali people. With their rare culture, people in this country have integrated the influences of Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims. In this way, the Bengali are able to connect and assimilate to the culture of foreigners and tourists. Celebrations and traditions take form in various forms, for example, dances, music, drama events, and art exhibits, and since the Bengali are able to relate to outsiders, their culture is easily transferred to visiting travalers.


The cuisine of Bangladesh has considerable regional variations. The staple food across the country is rice and different kinds of lentil, which is typically and locally known as dal. Fish and seafood, as the main source of their protein, has many various types of recipes that tourists will surely love. Restaurants and hotels offer all these different types of dishes that you can never forget. With its distinct ways of cooking fish and seafood, lots of people have come to admire the absolutely satisfying and appetizing Bengali diet.