Video: Tipping Etiquette in Asia

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As a traveler you should know your limits. You should know the different social conventions at your destination. You should understand tipping etiquette in this case.

• In most Asian countries like Malaysia, China, South Korea, and Japan, tipping is rare or is almost never expected.
• In Japan you can can express appreciation for good service with a slight bow or a simple arigato guzai maz.
• In Hong Kong and Singapore, an additional 10 % service charge is included in the bill, so tipping is not necessary.
• If you are not sure, ask the hotel concierge or the restaurant manager if tipping is required.
• In case tipping is expected, have spare bills ready.

You can show your gratitude for good service in many ways. Tipping is one. But in many countries in Asia, taking a bow or saying thank you with a smile goes a long way.

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