Travelocity Flexible Search Tips

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Travelocity’s flexible date tool locates the lowest fare and shows you when they are available.The site includes an interactive calendar from which you can choose your desired travel times.

To use Travelocity’s flexible date tool, follow these instructions:

Enter the Travelocity homepage and go to the Flights tab.

The search box then defaults to Round-Trip ticket. If you need a one-way ticket, click the One Way button. Note, however, that your choices are limited to Options 1 and 3 when you use the flexible search feature. Going to several destinations does not allow you to use the flexible date tool.

Choose one of the three options for a round-trip airfare in the middle of the search box.

For Option 1 (Exact Dates)

Travelocity Exact Date
Enter your departure and arrival cities together with their airport codes. If you want to know airfare prices at nearby airports, check the Compare surrounding airports box. The site will display up to three airports at both ends of your trip.

Select the exact Depart and Return dates.

Option 2: +/- One to Three Days

Travelocity Day Allowance Flights
Choose this option when you have a 2-3 day allowance before or after your desired trip dates. Enter the name and airport codes of your Depart and Arrival cities. For the Depart and Return dates go to the dropdown boxes. The dropdown field allows you to choose +/- one to three days from your preferred date.

Option 3: My Dates are Flexible

Travelocity Flexible Flights

Option 3 gives you the most elbow room because it offers results of over a month from your chosen date. Enter the names and airport codes of your Depart and Arrival cities, then choose the month for your Start Date as well as the month of your Through Date inside the dropdown boxes.

Key in your Traveler Information.

Click the Search Flights button to get your search results.

If you choose Option 1:

You receive suggested airfares for your exact departure and return dates. You can sift through proposed flights by airline, time, price, and duration.

Travelocity Suggested Airfares
If you choose Option 2:

You see a matrix that displays the lowest airfare on each date according to your preferred date range. Click the scroll button to change your Depart and Return dates; new dates and airfares will appear when do so. If you want to see the full flight results, click your desired Depart and Return dates.

Find Travelocity lowest airfare
If you choose Option 3:

You see a list with the lowest economy and coach fare. Review the flight details before choosing an air fare; more fare rules will appear. When you have chosen an airfare that suits you and your travel dates best, click the blue Select button.

Travelocity Select Button
Next, a calendar of possible departure dates appears. Check one of the departure dates to confirm its availability. Do the same for your return flight. If your preferred Depart and Return dates do not show any available fare, choose a different date. You may also return to the original search results.

When Travelocity confirms your dates, it offers you options for a roundtrip flight.

Travelocity Calendar of Possible Flights
When you receive your results, search for your desired departure flight. Then click the Select button.

Find your preferred return flight and click the Select button.

Review your preferred itinerary and click Continue.

Confirm the details of your flight.

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