How to Survive Airport Problems, Travel Simply and Have a Better Trip

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Your holiday fun starts with a smooth flight. We have a few tips to help you enjoy your travels.

Traveling Light – A Joy Many Never Experience

Depending on your complete itinerary, try to travel with the minimal amount of baggage. If you can travel light, the ease of going through the airport, traveling with your baggage will be make your travels much more enjoyable. Yes, packing light is a skill but worth the effort. Anything bulkier than your backpack or carry-on should be left out if you want to try this out. Think how long your holiday trip is and the number of times you will change your clothes. Simplify. Take only what you need, and plan to dress comfortably. Dress down, since you are unlikely to attend a Cannes Film Festival awards night.

At The Airport

Arrive early. The golden rule is to get to the airport two hours early for domestic check-in and two and one-half hours for international flights. When you are at the airport ahead of time, you can double-check your bag, make calls to friends and family, and relax before boarding.

Know airport and airline rules, which can vary from facility to facility. Know which rules are in place at your point of departure, and read and understand pertinent information such as e-ticket and airport announcements.

Know where you are and where you need to go. Check the flight boards regularly, locate your gate, and do not hesitate to ask airport personnel if you need help locating something.
Keep your identification and boarding pass easily accessible at all times. You will need both from the time you check in until you board the plane. So you do not lose them, insert them in a book or magazine you are reading. Again, read your boarding pass before boarding the plane.
Keep your cool. If the “D” word (delay) happens because of a lengthy security check, tell yourself it is for your own good. Putting on an attitude and ridiculing airport management can annoy other passengers. Neither should you comment about bombs nor terrorists in an already tense situation, as those are very sensitive issues in airport security.

On The Plane

Be kind and polite to airline staff and fellow passengers. Keep in mind that the flight attendants are doing their best to make your flight as comfortable as possible. If you believe you complaint is legitimate, state it politely.

Occupy yourself. It can be painfully boring on a long-haul flight if all you do is sit and stare at nothing in particular. Get your brain cells working by reading a book or magazine.
Get up and stretch once in a while. Drink water or juice on the plane: The recycled air in the cabin can cause dehydration, so avoid drinks with too much caffeine like coffee and colas.

If you sleep on a long flight, try to wake up about an hour before arrival and wash your face in the bathroom. You will feel much more refreshed and presentable when you disembark.

That’s How to Survive Airport Problems, Travel Simply and Have a Better Trip.

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