Orbitz Flexible Search Tips

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Orbitz’s flexible search feature captures the 20% of travelers who are likely to change dates for a lower airfare.

The feature on the Orbitz homepage is for travelers who want to fly within and between the U.S. and Canada.

The feature begins working when users click the “My dates are flexible” tab. The tool offers three ways to expand your flexible flight search and helps you find lower ticket prices in the process.

Orbitz flexible offers three varying search features. To take advantage of them, follow these instructions:

Step 1 Orbitz Flexible Search Tips Log on to the Orbitz homepage. When you do so, Orbitz’s home page defaults to a Quick Search for a Flight.

Step 2 Orbitz Search Tips Enter the two cities or the appropriate three-letter airport codes. “Cities” means the cities you are flying from and to.

Step 3 Orbitz Tips Click Flexible dates at the bottom of the blue box to begin your flexible date search.
Note that the Quick Search box offers you three options.

Step 4 Flexible Search Tips - Orbitz Choose one of the three available options.

If you prefer Option 1 (Weekends), do the following:
Orbitz Option 1 : Weekends
4.1 Choose the month in which you would like to fly. The site lets you search for weekend trips spanning 11 months. A weekend flight usually leaves on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday and returns on a Sunday, Monday, or a Tuesday.

If you prefer Option 2 (Bonus Days), do the following:
Orbitz Option 2 : Bonus Days
4.2 Click the Option 2 button that says “I have some flexibility around my dates.” Then choose your desired Leave and Return dates in the two drop-down boxes. In choosing your leave and return dates, you can have three days earlier or after your travel dates.

If you prefer Option 3 (Flexible Stays), do the following:
Orbitz Option 3 : Flexible Stays
4.3 Click the button that says “I want to take a trip for …” and decide on the length of your trip from the drop-down box that appears. At this point you will have a number of choices and can stay for 2-4 days or 14-16 days.

After you’ve chosen the best option to accommodate your travel plans, key in the traveler details at the bottom of the search box.

Orbitz Travelers details

You can also opt for non-stop flights by checking the appropriate box on this screen.

Click the Find button to receive your flexible search results.

Orbitz Flexible Flights

At this point a table of all possible airfares will appear. Click the airfare price that fits your itinerary. You will see all the flights that meet your criteria and can view multiple airlines and flights on the grid.

Click the airline and the number of stops of your choice.

Choose your Orbitz airline
Click the Select button for the flight that suits your travel needs and itinerary. Review your itinerary in its entirety before proceeding.

Continue the steps on the next page(s) to complete booking your flight.

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