Obtaining Travelocity Airline Tickets

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Travelocity is one of the best places to shop for airline tickets on the Internet. However, landing the best deals on this site is difficult, especially for the uninitiated user. Here is a short guide on how you can get the lowest-priced Travelocity airline tickets that suit your preferences.

Learn the base prices for Travelocity airline tickets
Learning about the minimum price for the trip you are planning is an easy way to know for sure whether you are landing the best deal on your airline ticket. Airline tickets for every route usually start at the same price. As seats are reserved on flights, prices increase for tickets that are yet to be sold. Finding the base price for Travelocity airline tickets lets you determine whether a quoted price is low enough.

Price comparison for Travelocity airline tickets

To get a good deal on Travelocity airline tickets, use the site’s tools to find the lowest prices. For instance, you can check the airfares for a certain set of dates that fall both before and after your ideal dates. All you need to do is enter your travel information in the search box provided on the site and then select the button for “+/- 1 to 3 days.” This option searches for tickets for up to three days before and up to three days after the travel timeframe that you have specified.

The Web site then pulls up search results for ticket prices based on your search criteria. Your ideal dates are highlighted in the center column. If this area shows a similar price compared with most other options, you can be assured that you are landing a good deal. Simply pick one of the dates from the page and book your reservation. However, if the price for your ideal dates is significantly higher than other prices shown, this only means that airfares have already increased, and you want to search other travel options before you book this flight.

Travelocity airline tickets for flexible dates

If your travel schedule is really flexible, you can use another option to compare prices. Instead of using the “+/- 1 to 3 days” option, select the “Flexible dates” button for more general airfare information.

Clicking on “Search Flights” gives you a list of Travelocity airline ticket prices for any date within the months you specified. The prices do not always include taxes and other fees. To book a flight, you need to start over, but these results give you interesting information from which to compare with the price quoted to you.

Check other airports when searching for cheap Travelocity airline tickets

As a general rule, the larger airports in a city are bound to offer cheaper airfares, but not always. Some airlines offer special deals at small airports or promos when flights are already sold out at the larger ones. Before you book your Travelocity airline ticket, search over up to three airports in the city to find out whether any deals are being offered for your travel dates. Select “Compare Surrounding Airports” after entering your information, and Travelocity will give you up to three airport options for both departure and return flights.

While checking airports with little commercial traffic makes no sense, it is worth your while to go over all of the airports that may offer fare sales. The next page presents all possible combinations using various airports, and shows the lowest airfares for each. This can be helpful data even if you do not want to use a different airport. Compare your Travelocity airline ticket price from your choice airport with these options to gauge whether or not you are landing a good deal.

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