How to use Farecast and Compare fares

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Farecast offers free airfare predictions to more than 87 popular European destinations. Users of Farecast can request predictions to their destination, and the site shows a certainty rating based on previous figures on the market you are searching. Farecast also displays a history chart within the last 90 days of the fares from your point of departure to your destination.

Moreover, Farecast lists the current fares and links with other travel sites where you can compare and purchase tickets. Farecast partners with travel websites like, Kayak, and others. Air fare rates and travel facts are freely shared between these sites.

Click “Add My City” on Farecast’s homepage. By doing so you can usually save about $150 if you purchase two tickets.

Go to the “Plan Trips” tab on Farecast’s website. For example, if you need to depart between July 1 and July 31 and you choose Boston and Los Angeles as your airports, Farecast shows the cheapest fares on both dates. Keep in mind that during holidays and national events, air fares will increase.

When you provide Farecast with a return date a week after your scheduled departure, the site gives you the lowest fares within the next seven days. Farecast drives home the point that it is better to purchase tickets now rather than wait until air fares go up. If Farecast predicts air fare is going down, however, it’s in your best interest to wait to book a flight since doing so could save you cash.

When you click “Plan Trips,” another graph shows you possible airfare rates in the next two months. Farecast bases these rates on past and current trends.

On the left side of Farecast’s results page, a set of check boxes narrows your desired departure and return times. Here you can also limit the number of plane changes and acceptable airlines. Keep in mind that Farecast does not let you make reservations; instead, Farecast links you to sites that will accept your reservations. What Farecast does is look up other travel sites and offer you results that you can adjust by using the site’s slider bars. You can make adjustments by un-checking airlines and airports in the box. If you prefer not to fly on a particular airline, for example, you can remove that airline’s check mark from the list. Farecast’s and the other travel sites’ search results will not include the airline you un-checked.

When your departure and return and dates are final, you can begin choosing an itinerary. Farecast links with other travel sites on which you can purchase tickets for that purpose. For instance, the site can show you four flights for $362 on your chosen date of July 18 aboard a specific airline. You can see other airline information on the site as well.

Recently Farecast launched free international predictions on more than 200 destinations, including U.S. cities, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and tourist destinations in Europe.

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