How to Search for Great Deals on Orbitz

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One of the easiest online flight search engines to use is Orbitz. It is straightforward and easy to navigate. In this how-to guide, you will learn the fastest way to get your hands on the lowest plane fares by searching Orbitz.

Go to the Orbitz Web site at

On the Orbitz home page, search or select your destination and departure cities. If you know the three-letter code of the airport, you may input that.

Choose your travel dates. A handy calendar appears when you click the date box so you can easily select your schedule during your Orbitz search. You can also jump to future months by clicking the arrows on the upper right-hand corner of the calendar.

Select your preferred flight time from the drop-down menu. However, leaving this option set at Anytime gives you more options when searching Orbitz’s database and finding the cheapest flights within the selected time.

Pick the number of adult travelers. To see all of the options, click the Children or seniors? link.

How to Search for Great Deals on Orbitz
Click the Find Flights button. If your travel dates are flexible, searching Orbitz for great deals is easier when you click the Flexible Dates link. If you choose to skip this step, go ahead to Step 11.

How to Search for Great Deals on Orbitz
Selecting the Flexible Dates option will take you to another window with three options. This Orbitz search system helps you determine whether your ideal flight schedules are at the bottom or top of the price range.

This section gives you three options to find the lowest rates available.

• Option 1 Weekends: Gives you the option to find the best weekend deals within your chosen month.

• Option 2 Bonus Days: Gives you the option to check different travel date combinations by asking you for zero to three days before and after your preferred flights.

How to Search for Great Deals on Orbitz
• Option 3 Flexible Stays: Gives you the option to choose the length of your trip and the earliest and latest possible dates you can schedule your travel.

How to Search for Great Deals on Orbitz
The results of your flexible-date Orbitz search give you a lot of options to choose from. This also gives you the chance to find the lowest rates for each option that you chose.

Choose your travel date and trip length from the results page. The cheapest rates will be displayed on top and it goes higher as you move down the page. You can also click the Departure Time or Shortest Flight tab to reorder your list.

How to Search for Great Deals on Orbitz
Step 11: Select your flight. The Orbitz search engine gives you the option to change your departure or return flight.

Step 12: Review the details of your flight and enter the necessary information. If everything is in order, click Continue.

Step 13: You can opt to add other services and options, or you can continue booking just your flight by clicking Agree and continue.

Step 14: Purchase your ticket. After reviewing your flight details and your credit card information, click Book Now! and you are done. This is how easy it is to search Orbitz for great deals.

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