How to Save on Priceline Car Rentals

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Priceline offers a convenient way for you to arrange your car rental at your selected travel destination. Using the right bidding strategy, you can fairly easy land great deals on the Web site. Priceline car rental packages only come from the five leading companies in the industry: Avis, Alamo, Budget, National, and Hertz. This ensures that you are getting the best car rental options available at your preferred destination.

Advantages of Priceline car rentals

One good thing about booking car rentals through Priceline is that it works with only five of the best car rental companies in the world. These companies are known to have convenient airport pick-up sites, meaning that travelers need not go through the hassle of making arrangements to obtain their car as soon as they land.

The service also guarantees unlimited miles and savings. Because the Web site understands that travelers today tend to shop around before making a decision, Priceline car rental offers a 100 percent refund for the difference in the event that you find another Web site within 48 hours offering a lower price for the same package.

Because it works only with established companies, Priceline car rental packages assure you that you will be given a well-maintained vehicle. If you do encounter mechanical problems, all of the companies offer repair services and they will also replace your vehicle.

Finally, to book a car rental, you need to be only 21 years old. Other Web sites require you to be at least 25 years of age to make reservations.

Car rental setbacks

While Priceline car rental packages offer attractive deals, using the site is not without a few disadvantages. For instance, once the site accepts your car rental bid, you are not able to cancel. Nor can you change the details of your reservation even if you are willing to pay a penalty. This is why it is important for you to make a wise bid to save a lot on car rentals through the site.

Priceline car rental research strategies

Do your research properly. Before you opt for a particular car rental arrangement, research your options first. Check the prices across various discount Web sites aside from Priceline and Hotwire. For instance, you can check Travelocity’s car rental rates before you opt for Priceline car rentals to ensure that you are really saving on the package that you are considering.

When bidding on a Priceline car rental, be mindful of the days and the seasons when you are making a reservation. Peak times do not provide you with a lot of room for discounts. For instance, rental discounts during the school breaks are rare, particularly in popular family travel destinations and other attractions. But at any other time, you have a bigger chance of landing a good deal through Priceline car rentals for the same locations. When you are shopping around for car rental arrangements, consider traveling during off-peak seasons.

You can also save a lot on standard weekend rates – that is, from 12 noon on Thursday to 12 noon on Monday of the following week. Use the weekend prices as basis for your weekend reservation discounts.

It is also important to take note that economy cars rarely come with CD players or radios. If you cannot drive without music blaring in your ears, you are better off bidding on compact cars. The price difference is not that great, and you still save substantially if you bid wisely.

Bidding for Priceline car rentals

As a general rule, you want to bid as much as 20 percent lower than the best rates available on other discount travel sites that offer information about the company providing your car rental. Since Hotwire and Priceline car rentals do not disclose the name of the car company until you have booked your reservation, you really need to research other sites to get a better idea of how much you should bid for a particular package.

Priceline usually provides the lowest prices for car rentals. It would be best if you place your bid on Priceline to be lower than other discount sites such as Hotwire, but do not bid too low. You stand to get great discounts on specialty vehicles and larger cars. For vehicles of any size, however, you want at least a 30% discount, particularly if plan to bid a couple of weeks before your scheduled trip. This rule applies even when you plan to travel during peak seasons to your choice destination. Even when your bid is rejected, you will still have a lot of time to place another one.

Finally, take note that Priceline car rental will only allow you to bid for the same arrangement once in 24 hours. You can only bid sooner if you change one of three details in your car rental: car size, location, and date.

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