How to Save on Car Rental Services with Priceline

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Even in times of economic crisis, people still prefer to take vacations. After starting to plan for your holiday months ago, you are now ready to take off to Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, or wherever in Asia that you want to go. But you want to minimize your expenses. One of the easiest ways to save on your expenses is through your car rental. Among all of the travel sites offering car rental service, Priceline has the best offers, which can help you save large chunks of money. Here are a few car rental saving strategies to use with Priceline.

1. Good research always gives good results

How to Save on Car Rental Services with Priceline
Good research is often the key to landing the best possible deals. This is especially true for Just because you are using Priceline, you do not have to settle on the car rental rates that this site offers you. You have to compare prices with those of other sites.

Experiment with different days and seasons. As with other travel strategies, Priceline car rental saving strategies include experimenting with different days and seasons. During peak seasons, you should expect higher prices. Fortunately, Priceline can still performs its search to give you the best car rental rate possible. Since standard rental rates on weekends are usually less expensive than weekday rates, remember to base your weekend
reservation discounts on weekend prices.

2. Decide on your Priceline bid

Your Priceline bid determines how much you can save on your car rental. It is best to start at 20% lower than the best rates you will find. You may also decide to place your bid on specialty vehicles and larger cars. Among all of the travel sites, Priceline and Hotwire’s offer the lowest prices on car rentals. Therefore, if you can, place a bid lower than the price shown by Hotwire.

Why Use Priceline’s Car Rental Service?

Priceline ensures that the cars it offers are well maintained, giving clients peace of mind for safe and sound driving.

• You get guaranteed savings from the best possible rates. Also, you get a 100% refund when you notify Priceline that you found a lower price for the same car company that you booked with them.

• While other sites offering car rental services give you a lot of options on car companies to help you save more, Priceline helps you save by renting from the top names in car rental services: Avis, Alamo, Budget, National, and Hertz.

To summarize our car rental savings strategies for Priceline, car rental service is an industry with variations in rates that you can leverage only by learning how to play the market. Check rates often and you will surely save a bundle while having the chance to drive an awesome vehicle.

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