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Hotwire’s flexible date tool helps you experience cost-effective and easy travel. The feature works best to your advantage when you have no fixed departure and return date, since Hotwire’s flexible travel tool shows you the lowest airfares within the next 30 days and beyond.

To take advantage of Hotwire’s flexible search tool, follow these steps:

Step 1 Hotwire Flexible Search Tips Log on to’s homepage.

Hotwire page

You will see Hotwire’s Hot Rate Locator.
Step 2 Hotwire Search TipsClick the Flights button.

Hotwire Flights Button
Step 3 Hotwire Tips Click the Flexible Date Search.

Hotwire Flexible Date Search
The page then takes you to a new screen that reads Welcome to Flexible Date Search, which notifies you that it takes only three steps to complete the process:

Complete the Hotwire process
no. 1 Hotwire Flexible Search TipsLocation: Type in the name and airport code of your departure and return cities.

no. 2 Hotwire Search TipsTravel Dates: Choose the length of your travel from the drop-down box located near the bottom of the page, then select the dates within which your planned trip falls. A calendar pops up to show your start and end dates, but keep in mind that you can search for up to 30 days beyond your chosen start date.
no.3 Hotwire TipsPassengers: If you are traveling with someone or with a group, choose the appropriate number of passengers for your trip.

Step 4 Flexible Search Tips - Hotwire When you complete the above steps, click Find a Flight to start your search.

Find Hotwire Flights
At this point Hotwire shows you airfares based on your length of your trip within the start and end date of your search.

For example, if you have chosen a 2-4 day travel window within the month of September, Hotwire would show you 3 airfare calendars. The first box is for the two-night trip, the second for the three-night trip, and the final for the four-night trip.

Step 5 Search Tips - Hotwire Look closely at the calendars and decide which one best suits you and your desired travel dates.

Step 6 Tips - Hotwire Go to your preferred start date and click the airfare price of your choice.
At that point a box will appear that shows you the cost of the airfare, including the start/end dates for the trip.

Step 7 Hotwire Tips Click the Choose This Fare to proceed.

Choose Hotwire fares
Step 8 Flexible Tips - Hotwire8. Review the suggested flights list with different airlines, departure, airfare rates, arrival times, etc.

Keep in mind that Hotwire includes a feature to change your airfare search on the left side of the screen. To avoid confusion, filter airfares with non-stop, 1 stop, and 2 or more stops under flights. If you un-check the box if you want to ignore one or more of those choices, Hotwire will update the airfare list immediately.

You can also change one or both of your airports.

Hotwire provides a list of airports near your area that charge cheaper airfares based on your selected travel dates.

Step 9 Hotwire Tips9. Review the list of all possible flights.

Step 10 Hotwire Flexible Search Tips Click the Continue button to proceed to your chosen airfare.

Proceed Hotwire Airfares
Next, Hotwire shows a summary of your itinerary along with a list of the travel dates, airports, cost of the flight, and times.


Click the red Continue button to store your preferred itinerary.

Hotwire Account

If you have a Hotwire account, the site allows you to sign in. If you do not have an account, you may continue without signing up or logging in.


Enter all pertinent information in the Traveler Information tab.


If necessary, you can use the Additional Features tab.


Fill out the Payment Information tab.


Finally, review the details of your trip before purchasing the ticket.

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