Top Sites to Visit When Booking Asia Rooms Online

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The Internet has greatly shaken the hotel business, exposing difficult pricing practices to the competitive light of comparison-shopping. While airlines have started reclaiming their place on the Web, hoteliers that have just ventured into online marketing are still on the verge of figuring out the right way to sell their rooms online without needing to offer competitive discounts.

Well, the good news is that they are making great progress. In fact, there are now many hotel booking sites today. To guide you with the booking process, we present a list of the top online hotel booking sites that you can use, especially when you book Asia rooms online. We have also included some tips on how you can easily book using these sites. These sites are for travelers who are willing and patient enough to compare the rates of different hotel rooms to land the best possible deal.

1. Priceline

Compare airfare and hotel rates across Priceline, Hotwire, Expedia,, and TripAdvisor is a bit different from the other sites in that you have to bid first when booking Asia rooms online. You tell your destination and travel dates and the minimum rating you want for a hotel. You may choose from upscale, moderate-plus, moderate, or economy. Within 15 minutes, Priceline usually tells you whether a hotel exists that matches your criteria and price. However, you need to remember that once your price for the hotel is accepted, your credit card is automatically be charged for the hotel room, whether or not you will ultimately use it.

2. TripAdvisor

Compare hotel and airfare rates using TripAdvisor
Tripadvisor is a good starting point for booking Asia rooms online. It presents hotel reviews from travel guidebooks as well as hotel listings from different online travel agents. Particularly useful on this site is its feature that allows travelers and hotel guests to write their own hotel reviews.

3. Expedia

Compare hotel and airfare rates using Expedia
This online travel agent is a very good site to visit for booking Asia rooms online because it offers a number of negotiated-rate hotels to complement the rates supplied by Worldspan, the system that connects Expedia to air, car, and hotel services worldwide.


Compare hotel and airfare rates using specializes in hotel rates exclusively offered online. Aside from its own site, also distributes its hotel rooms though its subsidiary,, and other affiliate sites. has grown rapidly since 2001. It was acquired by USA Interactive (then became IAC) and now resides as part of the family of websites.

5. Travelocity

Compare hotel rates using Travelocity
Travelocity is the leading competitor to Expedia. It provides hotel information through the global distribution system (GDS) managed and operated by its parent company, Sabre. In the past year, Travelocity signed up almost 8,000 negotiated-hotel rate properties.

6. Orbitz

Compare hotel rates using Orbitz
Orbitz is popular for air booking but it also offers hotel rooms for booking Asia rooms online, as it pools hotel rooms from Worldspan and Travelweb. Like its major competitors, it strives to develop its own hotel business with negotiated rates.


Compare hotel rates using
This hotel booking site provides a great number of independent hotels with different channels to offer their hotel rooms online. Thus, it can also be a good site to visit when booking Asia rooms online. This site also offers one of the best collections of bed and breakfast listings on the Web.


Compare hotel and airfare rates using is owned by Cendant Corp, a real estate and travel conglomerate. This site can provide hotel room rates and other information through the Galileo GDS.

9. Hotwire

Compare hotel rates using Hotwire
To get the best hotel rates when booking Asia rooms online, Hotwire‘s asks you for your travel dates and destinations. You may search for rooms throughout an entire town or just in a particular area of a town. Then, Hotwire‘s returns the best hotel rates for your travel dates, breaking down the rates based on star rating and location. If you find the best price that matches your criteria for the star rating and location, you may book your hotel room at that rate. However, you will not know what that hotel is until the purchase has been completed.

10. Travel

Compare hotel and airfare rates using Travel
Although this site is a small player in the hotel booking game, it is worth a try especially when you book Asia rooms online. It proudly combines special hotel reviews and recommendations with advertisers’ listings of hotel perks and deals, and an inclusive hotel directory powered by Travelocity‘s subsidiary, World Choice Travel.

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