How to Use Hotwire Hotel Names and Ratings

This entry was posted in Hotel Tips and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. takes only a few seconds to show the low rates you are looking for. The site features a star-rating system that not only provides rankings but also offers examples of hotels that meet the rating, thus making it easier for travelers to understand the rating system compared to other travel sites that offer only descriptions.

Hotwire does not give out the exact location of the hotel until the reservation is final, but it makes up for this by providing a reliable area map. This lets you see what the hotel is close to, particularly in relation to other landmarks and attractions in the area.

How to Use Hotwire Hotel Names and Ratings

How can you find out where you will stay

You can look up the names of the hotels and their amenities on Hotwire in your desired area by following these steps:

Go to Hotwire and choose one of the “Build a Package” buttons.

Punch in your city and dates.

Look over the hotels listed for the area where you want to stay. These are the actual hotels and their star rankings, which Hotwire uses on your dates of travel.

Hotwire’s Ratings System

5-star “Luxury” and 4.5-star “Deluxe”

How Hotwire's hotel rating system works
Using Hotwire's hotel rating system
Few hotels are marked 4.5 or 5 stars. Many of these hotels are members of the “Leading Hotels of the World” chain or “Preferred Hotels” links.

Hotwire bases its 4.5-5-star rating on hotels like Princeville Hotel Kauai, Langham Boston, Le Meridien San Francisco, Hyatt Regency Maui, and others.

4-star “Upscale”

How to use Hotwire's rating system to find 4-star hotels
Hotels that fall under this bracket fit the deluxe and stylish description. These hotels typically feature fine dining, business centers, a concierge, and extended room service hours. Hotwire also considers the strategic location of the hotel when figuring the ranking.

Most 4-star hotels are located in big cities and popular resort areas. They outnumber 4.5- and 5-star hotels and are known to offer big discounts.

3.5-star “Distinctive”

How to use Hotwire's rating system to find 3.5-star hotels
Millennium, Hilton, and Crown Plaza hotels belong to this category. They are highly rated for their restaurants as well as other comfort amenities. In some cases Hotwire rates 3.5 hotels higher depending on the location, particularly if they are close to famous attractions such as those near Hollywood and North Beach.

3-star “Midscale”

How to use Hotwire's rating system to find 3-star hotels
Hotels under the 3 star “Midscale” score high on service and convenience. You can expect to find a fine restaurant and above-average room service in these hotels. Hotwire offers the best discounts on hotels in this category.

2.5-star “Value”

Not totally lacking in service and amenities, 2.5-star “value” hotels cater more to motorists. They usually offer more than just a room with a bed, as you can expect Internet access, premium cable channels, and other bonuses such a gym, spa, business center, small-scale meeting rooms, etc. to be on site. Additionally, these hotels are typically within range of the city center.

2-star “Economy”

Hotwire describes a 2-star economy hotel as one having the basic necessities, such as a comfortable room containing a coffee and tea-maker, ironing board, a TV set, and in-house breakfast served in the lobby. Hotwire offers little discount on these hotels because of their already-affordable rates.

1-star “Motel”

The place has to be clean and comfy to earn a rating. 1-star motels usually offer nothing more than a good view out of the window or a well guarded lobby.

How Hotwire Works

Hotwire deals with popular names for traveler’s easy recall, which explains why the website can offer surprisingly low rates. But if you want to know the hotel’s name before booking, you get a slightly higher rate.

This is how to use Hotwire:

Log on to Click on the link that says “Hotels” at the top of the screen to go to the hotel booking page.

Look for the box that says “Destination.” Key in the location of the hotel you want to stay in (city and state or city and country). Type in the rest of the information the site requires, such as check-in and check-out dates, number/type of rooms, length of stay, number of adults, etc. When you are finished, click the “Find a hotel” button.

The list of prospective hotels appears, displaying a wide range of hotels in the location you have chosen for the dates specified. Hotel names are not listed, so you can see only the properties’ prices, amenities, and star ratings.

Open the “” website in another browser. This forum website helps travelers make informed travel choices. utilizes the experiences of its previous users to work out Hotwire’s hotel choices.

When you are on’s main page, scroll down until you find a subject heading for the country, state, or city in which you want to stay. Click the most suitable link for your location.

Read through the topics to check for a more specific sub-topic that fits your destination (for example “San Francisco – Hotwire” within the “California” topic thread).

There must be a catchy subject heading at the top of the forum for “Hotwire Hotel Lists.” Click this link. Then look through the list to get the location you want to stay. (Keep in mind that destinations are underlined.)

Below the destination you will see a number of hotels arranged by name, star rating, and amenities offered. Make a calculated estimate of the actual hotels based on this information.

Navigate back to the Hotwire window and look through the hotel list again on to make your choice.

There is a menu bar on the left side of the screen that says “Star Rating.” Choose the star rating you prefer. As soon as you do this, the list of hotels changes to reflect the new search conditions.

11. Click the “Area” menu bar below the “Star Rating” bar to expand your search. The “Area” selection lets you to select or un-select particular locations within the more general area. Look up the boundaries of each area using the area map. You may check or un-check areas depending on your preferences. When the list of hotels has been selected, it could change to show your new search criteria.

12. Match star ratings, specific areas, and amenities with the hotel list on This lets you see which hotel has the best match to your preferences. On choosing the hotel you like, click “Continue” below the price and track down the check-out instructions to make your purchase.
When the destination, arrival, and departure dates are keyed in, Hotwire shows your options. You should see hotel details such as price per night, star rating, and amenities.

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