How to Get a Cheap Hotel Room on Priceline

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How to Get a Cheap Hotel Room on Priceline

How to Get a Cheap Hotel Room on Priceline

Priceline doesn’t bear the advertisement tag “Poor Traveler Needs a Hot Deal” for nothing. Priceline has been on the web for almost a decade now, and in that time it has helped more than one million travelers snag cheap hotel rooms for the dates they need and at the price they want. If you are a traveler searching for a cheap hotel rate, the best place to start your search is If you think the process is complicated, fret not. We have created a simple guide describing how to get a cheap hotel room on Priceline.

Most people who have not yet tried finding a cheap hotel room on Priceline think that Priceline’s “name your own price” process is daunting. They might also think that it is scary to give their credit card information to a booking site. In truth the process is akin to price haggling for an item at the market. You don’t know whether you will get a good deal or leave with the realization that you were fooled into paying for something that isn’t worth it. Fortunately, there are some useful tricks to becoming a Priceline master, as well as techniques you can use to be sure to get the best deal. Here are the steps to follow:

Pick your destination and preferred dates. After doing this, you will have to choose where you want to stay and how much you are willing to pay for the hotel; however, the choices presented by Priceline may be more expensive than the money you have. This is why you need to use the “Name your Own Price” option.

How to Bid on Hotels
Cheap Hotel Prices with Priceline
Save Money with Priceline Hotels
After clicking the “Name your Own Price” option, choose the area where you will be staying. For Priceline customers’ convenience, the website has organized cities into different identifiable areas. Choose the area you want Priceline to search, and it will find a cheap hotel for your desired trip.

Priceline Hotel Map
Choose your Hotel Star Level. Priceline‘s hotel rating system is based on the booking site’s evaluation, incorporating customer feedback. The low prices make them all affordable, from one-star accommodations to five-star hotels and resorts.

Affordable Five-Star Hotels
Tell Priceline the price you are willing to pay for the hotel room. Using this system, you can enjoy up to 50% savings compared with other online sites. In addition, you can book a cheap hotel on Priceline with confidence, knowing that you will get a comfortable hotel. All hotels – even the cheap ones – on Priceline are backed by the site’s Best Price and Quality Guarantee. Priceline will return your results in a minute or less, and once your bid is accepted you will find out which hotel room you will be staying at for your upcoming trip.

Name your Own Price on Priceline

How to Get a Cheap Hotel Room on Priceline.

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