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This entry was posted in Travel Tips and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. lets loose search spiders over the Internet to find the lowest air fares for you using a cutting edge air-shopping feature called Ajax. The feature allows you to see all possible options for departure and return flights without having to reload or restart your search.

Here is how to use’s flexible search feature:

Step 1 Flexible Search Tips Log on to the’s homepage.

Step 2 Search Tips Enter your Departure and Return flight cities along with the three-digit airport codes in the Find a Flight Search box.

Step 3 Tips Check the box that says “My dates are flexible, I just want the lowest fare” for a flexible search. Checkbox
At that point the Departure, Return Date, and Number of Passengers boxes will disappear.

Step 4 Flexible Search Tips - Click Check Fares. Flights will display a number of airfare options, which are typically arranged from lowest to highest. The results page also shows the name of the airline, the mechanics of purchasing the ticket, and the price (excluding taxes and other fees) for each flight. Choose the rate that best meets your needs.

Step 5 Search Tips - Click Check Flights to proceed with your airfare search.

If you are flying with companions (adults or children), go to Number of Passengers and enter the appropriate number. Then click Continue. Flight Date
A calendar will appear with the months that the airfare is being offered. Peruse the “Legend” at the bottom of the screen and choose a departure date. A notice will appear shortly telling you if the fare is available on your desired date. If it is not, select another date.

Step 6 Tips - After you choose a departure date, the site will offer you flights to choose from. Available Flights

Hover your cursor over the blue box to review your flight details, then click the Select button to choose your flight.

Select Date

At this point a calendar appears with the matching month(s) that the airfare is open for your return flight. Once you select a Return date a notice will appear telling you if the fare is available on your desired date. If it is not, select another date. will give you several flights options once you choose a return date.

Step 7 Click the Select button to choose your flight. Click Select

Your itinerary will then pop up, on which you can view the airfare rate, processing fees, and taxes below the page. account holders can log in to speed up the booking process, although non-members must enter their passenger information and payment details.

Step 8 Flexible Search Tips Click the Purchase button on the bottom of the screen to validate your purchase and confirm your booking. Purchase details

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