Where to Find the Cheapest International Flights

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Finding the cheapest international flights should be one of your foremost concerns when planning a trip to other countries. Usually travel search engines like Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak and the like have extensive search functions that give you access to different airlines and flight consolidators. However, not all of the available seats on flights can be found on these search engines. You will have to be more resourceful when it comes to international flights if you want the cheapest you can get.

Know the base rates for international flights

Before you can determine whether or not you are getting a good rate for your flight, you have to know what the base prices are for your preferred flight. You can use the rates that you get from Expedia, Travelocity and other similar sites as your base rate. Then you will know that if you find a fare lower than that, you are probably getting the cheapest international flight for your route.

Use international travel search engines

Expedia and Travelocity are great search engines for finding cheap flights, but they do not have complete listings for the cheapest international flights. They likely list only the major carriers that fly out of major US airports. If you want a more comprehensive list of international flights, use international travel search engines like Momondo and Mobissimo. These search engines consolidate results from different travel and airline Web sites and search engines to give you a comparison of not just major carriers but also smaller budget airlines. It is still possible, however, that these search engines can miss some flights.

Where to Find the Cheapest International Flights if not in Mobissimo
Cheapest International Flights in Momondo

Contact a travel agent for their cheapest international flights
If you are traveling to an exotic location, or are simply having difficulty finding rates lower than those from the search engines, then it is time to get off the Internet and talk to an actual travel agent. Travel agencies have their own ways of giving clients the cheapest international flights. Although search engines cover a lot of ground online, not all international flights show up on their results page. You can knock hundreds of dollars off your fare if your flight plans are flexible and you use a travel agency to help you with your flight details. Make sure to contact a reputable travel agency.

Choose local, national, or regional carriers

If you can contact the smaller carriers that fly to or from your international destination, you will probably find cheaper international flights than you would find on a search engine. Look up all of the carriers that fly to your destination of choice and inquire about their rates.

Finding the cheapest international flight at prices better than those offered online takes some work. However, the extra effort that you make will definitely be offset by your savings when it comes to your ticket fares. The cheapest international flights may not come easy, but when they do, your back pocket will appreciate it.

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