United Airlines Flexible Search Tips

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United Airlines competes with the best travel sites in having the most traveler-friendly flexible date tool. In addition to flexibility, United offers ease of use in your search for the best air travel deal.

To take advantage of the United Airlines flexible search tool, follow these instructions:

Log on to United Airlines’ homepage and go to Flexible Dates Search.

Click the Dates Flexible link inside the Book Travel box.

United Airlines Book Flights
Type in your Depart and Return cities along with their airport codes.

United Airlines Search Flights
If you want to include airports near your departure area, check the Search Alternate Airports box for one or more airports.

Choose the month, day, and time for your Depart and Return dates.

United Airlines Select Flights
Click the bull’s eye on the Search by Flexible Dates button.

Fill out the Passenger Information field and go to Additional Search options if you have any.

To recover your search results, click the Search tab.
Next you will see a grid containing all possible airfares based on the two days before and after allowance of your initial travel dates. Locate the yellow box, as the flights that match the yellow box are listed below. You will need to scroll down to see the rest of the flights.

To see more flights and depart and return dates, click the box in the matrix. The search box on the left side of the screen displays travel dates that are not found in the grid. You can enter your new dates here.

Start your new search and review the results.

United Airlines Review Flights
When you find your desired flight, click the Select button to kick-start the ticketing process.
United then displays the itinerary. Scroll down the page and review the details. If you are a member of United Airlines’ Passengers Mileage Program, the site allows you to log in rather than entering the passenger information, but non-members must enter the Passenger and Payment Information to book the ticket.

Review your information, then buy and confirm your ticket.

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