Top Five Airfare Search Engines Reviewed

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Almost all travelers worry about airfare costs. They visit different sites in search of one that can give them the cheapest possible airfare. To help you narrow down your list, here’s a quick review of the top five airfare search engines. These airfare search engines are some of most respected and well established in the industry.

1. or SideStep

Top Five Airfare Search Engines Review: Kayak
Also known as the “Google of Travel Sites” because it searches many travel sites to find the best airfares. It is also the most user friendly of all airfare search engines. consistently shows the lowest fares and it comes with innovative features to help you narrow down your search results. It redirects you to airlines’ own sites for booking and collecting points. You may also use their live controls feature that allows you to filter your results quickly by airline, price, number of stops, or departure or arrival time. Your search results are displayed in abbreviated listings, allowing you to see more search results at one time, and then you can expand these listings with just one click. You can even print, email, save to Favorites, or even delete each search result.

However, does not show fares from Travelocity, Expedia, and Southwest and it does not always show the best airfares for international flights. This should not discourage you from visiting the site because of its many features that will surely help you with your searches. The bottom line is that is quick, accurate, friendly, and right now, it is the best among all the airfare search engines out there!

2. Mobissimo

Top 5 Airfare Search Engines Review: Mobissimo
If you want to get the best airfares for international flights, either starting or ending outside the U.S.A., Mobissimo is the best. Although Mobissimo searches more sites than any other airfare search engines, it does not show total trip duration and for some, this is a major shortcoming.

3. Momondo

Top 5 Search Engine Review: Momondo
Momondo, like Mobissimo, can search different small carriers, giving you more chances of finding better fares outside the U.S. The downside is that Momondo does not search as many airfares as Mobissimo does, meaning that there is a chance that you will not land on deals as good as Mobissimo’s or other airfare search engines. However, Momondo has something that Mobissimo does not, as it displays total trip duration.

4. Travelocity

Top 5 Search Engines Review: Travelocity
Although Travelocity introduced the feature Flexible Dates and made it popular today, it has failed to add other features, resulting in other airfare search engines becoming more popular. These days, Travelocity lacks a lot of features and it rarely finds better and cheaper rates. Nevertheless, its Flexible Dates search is still the best among other airfare search engines.

5. Hotwire

Top Five Search Engines Review: Hotwire
Hotwire is very popular for offering much better travel deals than the other sites. Hotwire has special access to airlines giving substantial discounts for unsold seats, even at the last minute. So, if you are a frequent last-minute traveler, Hotwire is the best airfare search engine to use.

There many more airfare search engines but since we focus more on quality and not on quantity, we prefer to provide you with the top five airfare search engines.

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