Top 10 Ways of Finding the Cheapest Airfares

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Finding the cheapest airfares does not involve magic or luck. In fact, it is a matter of searching for the best prices in the best places and at the best times. Here are the top 10 ways – in no particular order – of finding the cheapest airline tickets and giving your travel budget a break.

Experiment with travel dates
If you have not yet landed on the cheapest airfare and the best deal, do not be specific with travel dates. Consider shifting from one date to another. If you can change your departure or arrival date a day earlier or later, chances are that you will save a great deal of money!

Book earlier!
The earlier you book, the more you save. For your reference, we have compared one-way fares from LAX to HKG.

One week in advance Two weeks in advance Three weeks in advance

$698 $654 $554

The above comparisons are valid provided there are no special events happening at your desired destination and on your desired date.

Avoid staying over Saturdays
The old practice of staying over on Saturdays no longer works. You actually do not get cheaper airfares when you set your return date for Sunday or even later.

Midweek flights are cheaper
If you want cheaper airfares, flying during the middle of the week is recommended, because most people fly on weekends. For your reference, we have compared roundtrip fares from LAX to HKG.

Top 10 Ways of Finding the Cheapest Airfares
Use nearby airports to get cheaper airfares
Check whether you can get cheaper airfares when you fly using nearby airports. Usually, one or two nearby airports offer cheaper airfares than the airport closest to you. Checking first may result in greater savings.

10 Ways to find Cheapest Airfares Nearby Airport
Check the roundtrip price
Airfares for one-way flights are usually more expensive than for roundtrip flights. Again, for your reference, we have checked the one-way and round trip airfares from LAX to HKG.



Avoid peak dates
Most people leave the day before a special holiday and return the Sunday after that day. Since airfares are more expensive on these days, you will save money by flying on the holiday itself, or if you return the following Monday, Friday, or Saturday.

Take advantage of flier miles
We always take flier miles for granted, but do you know that airlines place high value on them? Frequent flier programs are a sign of brand loyalty. Moreover, airlines love these programs because most travelers squander these free travel options.

Utilize Internet tools to check for airfares

No one sits in front of the computer and watches airfares all day. Luckily, Internet tools are available that can do the watching for you.

Check out airline sites offering travel deals

Some travelers ignore travel deals as hype without substance. This is a frequent mistake. Since airlines usually mark down empty seats on an upcoming flight, it is important to check out these sites.

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