Tips to Landing on the Best Kayak Airline Tickets

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Kayak is said to be the best airfare search engine on the Internet. Others may not agree, but if you feel like working on the computer with more than just basic tools, you will surely love the Kayak airline ticket site! One thing that Kayak has not yet perfected is allowing users to know whether or not they have found the cheapest ticket . This short guide will help you know whether the best fares presented by Kayak are really worth buying.


1. Determining the baseline price

Before you start searching for the best airline tickets on Kayak, it is important to know the baseline price of your ticket. This is because airline tickets are usually offered at the same price; however, as seats are booked, the price of the remaining tickets increases. You can check the baseline price by going to Kayak, entering your preferred dates and airports, and clicking on the flexible departure or flexible return link.

Tips to Landing on the Best Kayak Airline Tickets
After you click on the flexible departure or flexible return link, a new field appears below the “depart” and “return” dates. Drag the dropdown arrow to “3 days before and after” for both the “depart” and “return” dates.

Guide to Landing on the Best Kayak Airline Tickets with Flexibility
Then, start the search process by clicking on the orange “search” button found at the bottom of the page.

Best Deals on Kayak Airline Tickets through Search

2. Comparing your price with the baseline price

Use this technique to see the cheapest possible airline ticket for flights departing and returning during your chosen weeks, with your preferred dates in the center. A quick scan will show you whether your ideal dates are near the top or bottom of the price range. If your preferred dates fall on this portion of the page, you are in for a great deal; however, if your ideal dates are on the top or a higher portion of the page, this means that the ticket price has already increased. Thus, consider changing your dates to land on cheaper Kayak airline tickets.

Kayak Airline Tickets Best Deals  Date Price

3. Buying your Kayak airline ticket

If you have decided to buy a Kayak airline ticket for this trip, just click on the date boxes on top to uncheck the ones you do not want. After doing that, you will see a list of the other remaining flights for comparison, but this time the lowest prices are on top.

4. Checking the nearby airports

With a couple more clicks, you can also compare your ideal trip to other cheap trips by considering other airports close to the airports you are searching. Just click on the box beside “show nearby airports” on the main screen and Kayak will search for the lowest airfares, including other airports. If your chosen airports fall under the lowest price shown, this means you are in for the best deal. If other airports have prices lower than that at your ideal airports, consider using any of these airports as they may give you significant savings.

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