Senior Air Fare Discounts

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Senior air fare discounts can be found on some airlines for several Asian connections. If you are approaching your senior years you can probably still visualize Dennis Hopper waving his arms around as he tells you about retirement planning , claiming that “60 is the new 40.” But it’s important to have a plan.
Have a Flexible Plan

When it comes to air fare discounts, you need to do some serious planning. Gone are the coupon booklets and standard 10% off discounts once you hit sixty-five. Senior air fare discounts are easy to find on some airlines like United Airlines, but for other senior air fare discounts, you have to hunt. Not all airlines offer them. Often, independent airline ticket websites are your best choice for finding senior discounts, although you will find that several of the major sites do not offer any senior discount fares at all. If you’re buying tickets online, check multiple online sites to find the best discounts.

If you are serious about finding the best fares, you need a plan based on a good amount of research. Every airline has a place on their website advertising “deals”. Some have “deals of the week” and some have deals for flights to different locations. It pays to search out and compare deals for the destinations you are considering; sometimes the special deals will be better than a standard fare with senior discount. Flexibility is the key. This means flexibility in both destination and timing. This can be especially true for travel to Asian countries.

Today, some of the best deals for travelers at any age can be had if you don’t care when you go or where you land. Some of you may be saying, “what’s the point of traveling to someplace if you are never sure if you are ever going to get there?” But the nature of the fierce competition common to the airline business changes things so quickly that an open and flexible attitude towards travel attitude may be the best “plan” to have.

Follow these rules of thumb

Plan ahead, but not too far ahead. One month ahead works better than one week ahead but, ten months ahead doesn’t always mean cheaper tickets.

Shop around directly on the airline websites.

Some airlines offer a website box to check for 65+, which sometimes gives you a better price. If you use ticket aggregators to find senior air fare discounts be sure to note the flight number for your choice and then go direct to the airline website. Sometimes you’ll find a cheaper fare or better discounts when you buy direct.
Don’t forget to compare between aggregator websites, since some show discounts for senior air fares and others do not.
Due to intense competition, fares at every fare website change daily, or sometimes even hourly. If you find a good deal, take it—it might be gone by tomorrow. If you think you can do better, keep searching and checking back. You could be rewarded with cheaper fares and discounts for your efforts.

Also, take advantage of any memberships (such as AARP) that may offer special benefits or discounts for senior travel.

It can pay to do the research for International flights. A small discount can still mean big savings for senior air fare discount as you head to that exotic dream vacation.

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