Quick and Easy Steps to Search SideStep

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Searching Sidestep looks a bit difficult, especially for newcomers to the virtual world. Not long ago, Kayak and SideStep partnered to create a great new way for travelers like you to buy travel products. Visit only one Web site that performs searches on all other sites, and buy from whatever Web site you want. Indeed, after the merging of these two companies, a new breed of travel and flight searching tools was born – SideStep. Since the creation of this tool, many have already benefited from its ease of use and great search capability. If you have not yet used this tool, now is your chance because we have created quick and easy steps for searching SideStep.

Step 1:

Open SideStep by clicking this link.

Step 2:

Enter your ideal airports in the “From” and “To” fields provided.
You can enter the three-letter airport code or the name of the city. Since SideStep has a powerful feature that automatically presents you with a list after you have entered the first three letters of a city, you can quickly choose the best match.

Quick and Easy Steps to Search SideStep

Step 3:

Enter your ideal departure and return dates, and set the time field to “Anytime”.
You may click on the date field or on the small calendar next to it. A small calendar for selecting your ideal dates then pops up.

Quick and Easy Steps to Search SideStep

Step 4:

Choose the number of adult tickets by clicking on the dropdown arrow, and click on the orange “Search” button just below that.

Quick and Easy Steps to Search SideStep

Step 5:

The search process begins!
After clicking on the search button, SideStep’s computers begin searching other airfare sites that may offer the lowest possible fare. It also searches other individual airline sites typically selling airline tickets for a little bit less than the popular airfare search sites themselves.

Step 6:

Study the results and use the SmartSort tool to narrow down your choices.

Quick and Easy Steps to Search SideStep
The SmartSort tool makes SideStep a great Web site for quickly finding the best flights. This tool shows a list of flights on the days that match your search criteria and shows the flights with the lowest prices on top. Sort through and remove all of the flights you are not interested in.

Quick and Easy Steps to Search SideStep

Step 7:

Pick the best flight from those remaining on the list.
After sorting through and removing all of the flights that do not suit you, you have narrowed your list of available flights, which still shows the lowest prices at the top. You may sort the list by Airline, Take Off, Landing, Stops or Duration. Just click on the appropriate link above the first flight listed.

Quick and Easy Steps to Search SideStep

Step 8:

Buy your Ticket!
After picking the best flight from the list, click on the orange “Select” button on the flights detail page. After clicking on the price for your desired flight, the details page will be displayed, allowing you to check the details one last time.

Quick and Easy Steps to Search SideStep
After confirming the details, SideStep will take you to the final booking stages. Make sure to check whether the details are the same as the details presented to you after you clicked on the orange “Select” button.

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