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This entry was posted in Airfare Tips and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. is the latest addition to the Internet’s hotel booking engines. However, one feature makes different from the rest. It boasts of offering the largest selection of hotels throughout Asia. Moreover, offers the largest selection of both luxury and cheap hotels available on the Web through its travel partners.

Travelers will surely indulge in the variety and luxury that Asia offers to both its leisure and business travelers. Since choosing from so many hotels and accommodations available in the large cities and towns of Asia can be overwhelming, it is important that you get all of the help you can get to land in the best hotel for your Asian stay.

This is why is here: to help you search for different travel providers and see what each offers. This will ensure that you get the best accommodation to meet all of your needs in the world’s largest continent. and the service of our travel partners do this by providing you with an incredible diversity of flights and hotels.

When choosing a hotel and before making your purchase, please check out the hotel reviews, the hotel’s location, and the exact type of room that you need. provides you with the hotel information that you need, as well as different ways to book a hotel. Read on to learn how to use the’s flight and hotel search engines. And find great ways to save by getting the best deals possible.

How to Use to Book Your Flight

1. Click on the Flights tab on’s home page. Here, you are asked to enter your departure airport in the Departing From box and your arrival airport in the Traveling To box. You must also enter your flight schedule information in the Departure Date and Returning Date boxes. Once you have completed all of the fields, click the Search Best Providers box.

How to Use's Search Engine in Booking a Flight
2. After clicking on the Search Best Providers box, you are directed to search recommended sites. Savings tip: check three or more suppliers to get the lowest price.

Search for Cheap Flights to Asia
3. Compare prices. In this guide, we have decided to compare prices on JetCombo, Mobissimo, and

Compare Prices for Cheap Airline Tickets to Asia
Finding the Best Deals to Asia Through Online Search Comparison
Use's Search Engine When Booking a Flight to Asia
4. Let’s say that you have decided to choose the rates presented by Mobissimo. You are directed to Mobissimo’s site where you choose the best price for your flight. After selecting your desired carrier with the best rate, you are directed to the purchase completion page, which displays a summary of your selected itinerary.

Choosing the Best Ticket Deals to Asia
5. Enter your payment details and contact information, and you’re done. You have just landed the best possible airfare deal for your trip to Asia.

How to land the best airfare deals to Asia

How to Use to Book Your Hotel

1. Click on the Hotels tab found on’s home page. Here, you are asked to enter your destination city in the City box. You must also enter your reservation schedule information in the Check-in Date and Check-out Date boxes, as well as the number of rooms you need and the number of guests you have. Once you have completed all the fields, click on the Search Deals box.

How to book a hotel room on
2. After entering your trip details, you must select travel sites and click on Search Deals to open the sites of’s travel partners.

Finding hotel deals on
3. Let’s say that you want to compare Expedia and Travelocity. Each travel site will present you with the best possible deals. Make the comparison and decide on which travel site to use.

Compare hotel deals on
Find Cheap Hotel Deals on
4. From the examples provided, Travelocity shows you the hotel with the cheapest rate. Click Select next to hotel details to be directed to the hotel details, where you choose your desired room. Click Continue.

How to book a hotel room on
The steps given above may vary slightly depending on your air carrier and choice of travel site. Using is indeed simple and easy. Bon voyage!

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