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Travelocity is an online travel agency that allows users to search different airlines all at once to land the cheapest airfare deals and travel packages. Here is a short guide on how to search Travelocity efficiently.

Over the years, Travelocity has developed new features that can be confusing to the uninitiated user. These features are supposed to help the site maximize its profit potential in every transaction; however, for the individual searching Travelocity to book a flight, part of the process can be taxing.

1. Go to the Travelocity

Search Travelocity by typing in the city from which you are departing and the city to which you are going in the spaces provided. Enter your home airport city and your destination airport. If you know the airport codes, you can just enter them. Airport codes are three-letter codes assigned to every airport in the world. In many cities, more than one airport may be available and sometimes different cities around the world have the same name.

Many cities with more than one major airport have three-letter city codes much like airport codes. These codes allow you to search Travelocity for flights in every airport in that city in just one click. Here are just a few examples:

Chicago=CHI London=LON Rome=ROM
Los Angeles=LAX New York City=NYC Paris=PAR

2. Choose from two money-saving features when you search Travelocity

You cannot use both of these options at the same time but you can always go back to explore the other feature before you book your flight.

If you are flexible with travel dates and you are not on a tight trip schedule, select the button for +/– One to Three days. This option searches Travelocity for all possible fare choices for up to three days before and after your specified travel dates. Reserve the option that says Flexible dates for later in case you fail to find airfares within your budget using the up-to-three-day option.

Tip: Certain days of the week (i.e., weekends and holidays) may offer more expensive airfares than others. You can save a lot by moving your flight back by at least a day.

3. Enter your desired departure and return dates

You need to select additional details, such as your preferred times of departure and return (applicable for the Exact date option). You also need to enter other particulars such as the number of people who will be on the trip with you. After that, click the Search button.

4. Check the results of your Travelocity search

The next page will display possible flight options based on your search. At the top of the page, you will find a summary of the Travelocity search, indicating how many flights were found. The summary also lists featured vacation packages that you may want to consider even when you are simply looking for airfare information. Choose the departure combination that suits your budget by clicking the Select button opposite that option. If the search pulled up numerous results, you can sort the list according to price, travel time, departure time, and airline.

The top of the page shows the summary of your departure flight and below that are the flight options for your return trip. Again, simply choose the option that best suits your preferences.

Tip: You can usually find the lowest airfares in larger airports but fare discounts and promos are available only in smaller airports. When choosing the airport and price combination for both your return and departure, consider the extra time and transportation costs that you may incur by using a faraway airport. Sometimes, you save more by departing out of a closer airport, especially if the airfare difference is just a few dollars.

The next page will list hotel accommodations and other packages that you may want to add to your ticket. Just scroll down this page until you reach the button that says Continue with Flight Only.

5. Go over your flight details and log on to your Travelocity search account

If you added a hotel to your ticket, the hotel rates will be added to the price of your trip; otherwise, the price remains the same, and you just need to review the rules and restrictions as well as consider getting Flight Protection insurance. If you do not have an existing Travelocity account, click the Continue button on the right column. On this page, enter the passenger information.

6. Select your flight seat

Travelocity will then present a diagram of an airplane. Use this to select your preferred seat for your departure flight. The diagram also shows the seats that have been reserved. You need to do the same for the return flight.

7. Enter your billing details

To confirm your purchase through Travelocity, simply enter your preferred payment method and enter your billing information. Click Continue to confirm your reservation.

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