How to Save on Airfare with Open Jaw Tickets and Circle Trips

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Among those who travel often by plane, there are only a handful of frequent travelers who know that there are more savings to be had if they book through Open Jaw Tickets or Circle Trips. People typically travel or buy tickets using Round Trip mode, but these two websites circumvent the process and generally end up saving the purchaser money in the long run.

Using Open Jaw Tickets and Circle Trips is a relatively simple process. With an Internet connection and basic navigation skills, you can benefit from the same discounted tickets that these frequent flyers already know about if you follow these simple steps.

1. Understand what Open Jaw Ticket is and does. A quick Google search shows that Open Jaw Ticket deals with airline tickets wherein you travel from Point A to B and then travel back to Point A by another route, Point C. Travel between Point B and C is done over land or water. For purposes of discussion, we’ll call Point A your Home City, Point B your Destination City, and Point C your Departure City.

2. Determine your Destination and Departure Cities. Usually they are just neighboring airports or at least in the same area or country. It cannot be farther away, since this distance should be shorter than the total distance of Point A + Point B and Point C + Point A. Otherwise, it doesn’t qualify for an Open Jaw Ticket.

3. Meet the conditions of Open Jaw Ticket. To get the cheapest Open Jaw Ticket, certain circumstances must be met. First, all flights taken should be with the same airline or at least partner airlines like Northwest and KLM. Second, the departure and destination cities must be near one another as explained in step two. Finally, the fares for both flights (Home City to Destination City and Departure City to Home City) must conform to airline rules, although they can be combined so that both fares follow the more restrictive fare rule. You save money because each leg of your trip costs less combined than roundtrip ticket fares. It takes the average cost of two round-trip fares, therefore saving you more money.

4. Familiarize yourself with Circle Trips. Booking with Circle Trips also means flying between three cities: Point A to B, Point B to C, and Point C to A. You save fares on circle trips because each leg of your journey is considered a one-way flight, which costs less than roundtrip air fare. However, like Open Jaw Ticket, some rules apply to avail of Circle Trip savings. First, all flights must be from the same airline or its partners. Second, the second leg or flight of your journey must be the shortest of the trip.

5. Go to sites like Travelocity or Orbitz which offer these kinds of fares. You need to choose a multi-city or multi-destination option. On Expedia, you can first choose one-way and then choose multi-city afterward to book Circle Trips or Open Jaw Tickets.

Tips and Warnings:

• Most airlines will have and permit these kinds of travel fares. However, they may not always be the cheapest flights due to the advent of budget airlines. Double-check and compare prices before booking.
• Circle Trips and Open Jaw are great ways to explore more than one city and still save money.

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