How to Get the Most Out of Priceline Travel Packages

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Travel agencies offer different packages for your vacation needs. To get the best deals out of Priceline travel packages without compromising comfort and quality, offers these helpful tips and information.

• Be flexible

Flexibility is always key in getting the lowest prices for Priceline travel packages. Ask your agent about options for your destination, travel date, and accommodations, and be as flexible as possible. Focus on something more important for your travel: weather, scenery, food, and recreation, among others. For example, look for cities near beaches and places for recreational activities. Do not limit yourself to a place with little potential fun.

• Go all-inclusive

Priceline is the perfect site for all-inclusive packages. These offers usually include meals, tours, and other fun activities. You can check out the site’s all-inclusive section.
At some destinations, food and recreation can be extremely pricey if you purchase them separately. Inquiring about the cost of these activities beforehand can help you compare and decide on the package to take. offers great all-inclusive offers to exotic destinations in Asia.

• Last-minute bookings

At, you can have your bookings at the last minute. But this is not always advisable especially on peak travel seasons. When planes, hotels, and resorts are not fully booked, larger discounts are sometimes offered at the last minute.
To make the most out of last-minute Priceline travel packages, be flexible on your destination. Travel to a different place to lock in on cheaper rates.

If you are traveling to a foreign country, having the required paperwork is a must to enjoying a hassle-free trip. You may want to avoid last-minute bookings because most countries require a passport upon entry. Make sure that it is valid for at least six months after your scheduled return.

• Compare

Compared with other travel agencies, offers amazing rock-bottom prices for its Priceline travel packages. This is because many airlines, hotels, and resorts prefer Priceline to sell their excess inventory.
This means that you have more options for your schedule, length of stay, and preferred flights.

• Select the best travel day

Traveling on certain days of the week is cheaper depending on your destination. Offers are usually less expensive on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and sometimes Saturdays.
Weekend package prices are higher for vacation destinations like Las Vegas or Orlando but lower for business centers like Chicago (except on special events).

• Avoid overpaying

Compare Priceline travel packages with other sites like See the difference in packages with the same features for destinations and hotels.

• The Priceline guarantee

Priceline offers you a refund if you find a lower price 24 hours after purchase. You may call 1-800-658-1496 to request a refund. The refund is only applicable once a Priceline customer service representative confirms that your lower price is related to a reservation for the same travel dates, same hotel, and same type of room.

How to Get the Most Out of Priceline Travel Packages

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