Comparing Priceline Airline Tickets

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Although Priceline has a very easy tool to check on the different prices of airline tickets on all major sites, finding out whether these prices are relatively high or low is still difficult. Read through this short guide to easily and quickly find good deals for Priceline airline tickets.

How Airfares Work and How to Know Whether the Offer is Good or Not

Since the advent of Internet commerce, almost everything is done automatically without human intervention, including Priceline airline ticket price adjustments. Usually, all tickets are offered with the same price; however, as more and more people book the popular flights, the prices of other tickets increase. Therefore, it really pays to know whether the prices being offered to you are higher or lower when you book on other days or when you use nearby airports.

Two Ways Priceline Compares Prices

While Priceline’s main search screen appears very simple, the searches it performs are a bit complicated. Whenever Priceline performs searches for airline tickets, it also automatically and simultaneously searches for lower prices using different travel dates and nearby airports. However, you do not know about this as Priceline obviously does not want to distract you from your choices.

More Ways to Save

How to Compare Priceline Airline Tickets
This yellow-framed box is found on the right portion of your original search results. It is often neglected as it looks like an advertisement; however, this box is included as a service when you do your searches. The first two options, “Name Your Own Price” and “Package and Save” are always extra offers. These two may be ignored. If Priceline has come up with lower airfares using alternate dates with the same trip length, or by using nearby airports, it will show you the details as well as the amount of money you can save by choosing these options. If no other options are shown to you in that yellow-framed box, it means that you are up for a good deal for Priceline airline tickets.

Good Deals for Priceline Airline Tickets
Modify Your Search

How to Modify Your Search on Priceline
The “Modify Your Search” box is found just below the “More Ways to Save” box. This option allows you to modify other search options. At the bottom of this box, you can select an “Alternate Departure” and “Return Date.” If your flight is on a Sunday or a Friday, you can change any of these days to check whether you can save more if you choose to fly on other days. Doing this is easy and quick, as Priceline already checks the ticket prices one date before or after, while keeping the same trip length. The trick here is to try possibilities by changing the length of your trip by even just a day. If the result of a Priceline airline ticket price is the same or higher, you are certain that your chosen dates already present a pretty good deal. If you get a lower price, you know that the price from the starting point has already increased, meaning that you may still find better deals by changing your trip.

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