10 Tips to Find Lower Airline Fares

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10 Tips to Find Lower Airline Fares

The desire to make the most out of your vacation is expected, but does this mean that you have to spend too much on everything? Of course not! The surest and easiest way to find great savings on your trip without cutting corners is to find lower airline fares. Since you may think that this is not simple, we have outlined a few tips to make your search for low airfares more rewarding.

1. Plan your trip early

Most airlines have a price curve when it comes to the departure date. This means that the earlier you book, the higher your chances of getting lower airline fares. Another advantage to planning your trip early is that some travel Web sites have email alert services that you can take advantage of.

2. Travel during the off-peak season

Generally, lower airline fares are offered during the off-peak seasons. Thus, searching the Internet for the peak season schedule of your chosen destination is recommended. If your main reason for visiting that destination is only to sightsee, then why not consider going there during an off-peak season?

3. Be flexible with your travel dates

Being flexible with your travel dates will result in huge savings. You may want to consider departing on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday because airfares are usually offered lower on these days. You may also consider extending your stay for lower airline fares.

4. Know your neighborhood

Check whether there are any nearby airports aside from the one closest to you. For example, although Bob Hope Airport (BUR) is nearest your home, you may get lower airline fares using Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

5. Check for airlines offering daily flights

Companies offering daily flights have lower airline fares than those offering weekly flights.

6. Master the fare rules

Getting lower airline fares may come with limitations. Before booking, make sure that you read and understand the fare rules. Some airlines impose costly penalties if you make changes on your trip. You may consider offsetting this risk with travel insurance.

7. Refine your search results

When searching for airfares, it pays to refine your search results. You may use different services, as the Internet displays different carriers offering lower airline fares.

8. Not all prices that appear equal are equal!

When doing a price search, you will see different vendors displaying different airlines with the same fare. The key here is to visit the airline sites, as these sites may offer better restrictions, price guarantees, and of course, lower airline fares.

9. Be realistic about your time and money

It sometimes makes sense to pay a little more for the convenience of a better schedule or a closer airport. A $50 lower airline fare may cost you more if you are not able to sleep on the airplane. The same rule applies if you have to add a two- or three-hour layover in an airport where you cannot get your work done.

10. Research

The last tip is to never settle for the first price you see. There are many online travel agents and airlines offering lower airline fares. The only thing you have to do is to research.

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