Cheap Airfare – Earning Miles Without Earning Wrinkles

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Often, the priority of a frequent traveler is to find cheap airfares. You will surely find your travel more satisfying when you fly to your favorite beach in Thailand without putting a dent in your wallet. But the question is, how do you find cheap airfare?


Finding Cheap Airfares Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle

Fortunately, these days searching for cheap airfare no longer involves calling several travel agencies or busy airline offices. Thanks to the Internet, this task can be easily accomplished without being stuck on the phone for long hours.

You can find cheap airfare by searching travel Web sites. Numerous sites provide airfare price comparisons. It is important that you do not rely on one Web site alone when you research because, alas, no single online source can definitively give you the cheapest airfare! This is because different variables are involved, such as specific airlines, connecting flight availability, time of day (airlines usually release new fares during the mornings), etc.

You can visit booking sites like Expedia and Orbitz but make sure that before booking, you check first with the airline’s own Web site and see whether you can get the same price without the booking fee.

Metasearch engines like Kayak and SideStep can help you find cheap airfares. These are called aggregators that track and consolidate airfares for different airlines. Most travelers tend to give their thumbs-up for these sites in finding cheap airfares. Typically, these sites let you plug in your preferred travel dates and destinations and then provide a listing of airfares for you to compare. You must take note, however, that the listing may not be up-to-date or accurate because of time lag involved or an occasional error in their databases. It is still best to check with booking agencies or directly with the specific airlines.

It Doesn’t Take a Genius to Get Cheap Airfares

Sometimes, you only need basic knowledge of economics to find cheap airfare. Ever heard of the law of supply and demand? In the case of the airline industry, this law is manifested during major holidays when people usually decide to travel. Thus, ticket prices go up because of high demand. This is also why traveling on a weekday is generally cheaper since, unlike you, most people are tied to their offices trying to earn their legal tender during the week (nice thought, right?).

Also luck sometimes plays a role in finding cheap airfare. You know that airline operators are one of the most cunning creatures on the planet. As a frequent traveler, you must have experienced this at least once – the person sitting next to you paid only half of what you did. That had to have ruined your holiday, right? This happens because airlines sometimes divide seats on each flight, offering some at discounted prices depending on (again) the law of supply and demand. So, good luck in your quest for cheap airfare!
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